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kappadon3 01-24-14 06:02 PM

Great resource on YouTube - BikeManForU
Just wanted to share. I'm still a noob, but this forum and other resources have really helped raise my Bike IQ. Specifically BikeManFOrU on Youtube has great videos. Alot of education and technical videos and live vids on Saturday. His movement is all about 'bringing the locall bike shop to the world wide web'. No I am not affiliated with him or his crew; just a loyal fan

Just wanted to share

slorollin 02-04-14 11:10 AM

He has a lot of good stuff on there. I bought a set of wheels from him on eBay. There were some problems and he stood by his products and made it right. I've spoken with him a couple of times too. He's very knowledgeable, helpful and I felt he was doing the right thing for me, not just for his pocketbook. I would deal with him again in a flash even if his price isn't the absolute lowest (his prices are very reasonable) on whatever item I happen to be shopping for.

BTW I see that you're in Greenville. The folks at Bicycle Post on Arlington have always treated me right too.

nymtber 02-04-14 05:29 PM

I personally can't stand his videos. Hes just annoying, IMO.

And his prices are about the same as the LBS I prefer, and I like to keep local small business open :)

I'm sure his style fits in though, obviously hes grown an audience. Good on him!

2 wheeler 02-04-14 05:42 PM

It would be a good idea to supply a link for this guy.

chrism32205 02-04-14 06:34 PM

On Youtube :

His store:

kappadon3 02-04-14 06:49 PM

Strollin - Hey neighbor!!! yeah BMFU provides good edutainment.
Our LBS: I like the guys on Arlington, the downtown shop... meh. I had a few not so great experiences, the old guy (mechanic) is cool. I have had a few good talks with Babbits Bikes on 10th. good dude. helped me out on a few rookie builds.

Astrozombie 02-04-14 08:12 PM

Bahhh I forgot to buy something from him, cool guy

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