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TrojanHorse 02-16-14 12:33 PM

Day 2 on the new saddle...
so far so good.

I went to a local bike shop that has the selle italia ID Match program and had them measure me up. Turns out I'm an L3 (I think I mentioned this before) and since they didn't have exactly the saddle I wanted, they ordered it (Selle Italia SLR Superflow L). I rode down yesterday, I suffered a little sticker shock, they swapped me out and I rode home thinking "uh oh, this isn't any better and it cost me a bomb"

Took an 11 mile spin this morning because i was too lazy to get up early and go for a long ride and frankly, I didn't even notice the saddle. I forgot I was even ON a saddle. Hopefully that's a harbinger of things to come. 11 miles is pretty short but then yesterday's portion of my ride was only about 13 miles of the 30 total on the new saddle and it felt hard as a rock yesterday.

I will say the first question out of the LBS store guy's mouth when I asked about a new saddle is what brand shorts I wear and he said "it's not pearl izumi, is it?" Ha! No, I don't have anything against pearl izumi but my absolute, not even close favorite shorts for long rides are Castelli Free Race Aero (expensive but completely worth it to me), which is what I had on today. I wonder if my experience will be the same when I revert to my normal mid-week, lesser shorts.

bbeasley 02-18-14 08:21 AM

Hey TH,
What was the guys knock on PI?

TrojanHorse 02-18-14 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by bbeasley (Post 16505320)
Hey TH,
What was the guys knock on PI?

I think they don't think the chamois is very good. I don't have any PI bibs so I rarely wear my PI shorts anymore, but I have quite a collection. I used to love my old super sensor shorts but they don't provide the muscle support that newer ones do. My elite inrcool shorts in XL feel sloppy (not baggy) and my P.R.O shorts in XL fit perfectly but I have had chafing issues with that pair before with respect to the edges of the chamois. I rarely wear them anymore.

In the quest for perfect shorts I've tried Sugoi, Descente, Craft, Giordana and now Castelli. :) I'm not very fussy about what I wear when I go on a short ride with the family (< 15 miles) so i still rotate through all my bibs.

bbeasley 02-18-14 10:58 AM

Reason I ask is my PIs are 4 years old and I'm thinking it's time for a new set. These PIs are my first set of bibs so I've got no experience to compare them with.

tunavic 02-18-14 11:01 AM

I picked up a pair of these recently for about $60 when amazon had them on sale:

They're still available at that price in XXL black/white

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