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Pakiwi 02-23-14 08:25 AM

Winter has been good to me.
I got back on the bike at the end of summer last year. Wanting to lose weight and not have to start from scratch after the Winter. I have been doing rides on the trainer and picked up a couple of sufferfest videos to do on the trainer. I did over 250 miles on the trainer in January.
Yesterday was 50 and I took the bike on a hilly 10 mile loop. I bested my average speed by 1.3 mph. Felt strong. Not sure if it's the muscle gain, weight loss or both.
Looking forward to getting out again today.
Need to get some century's scheduled so I have specific goals in place.

digger531 02-23-14 09:14 AM

Congrats. It would be nice to go into spring not trying to get back in shape

Cycle Babble 02-24-14 06:56 AM

At first I thought your post would be about how great this winter has been......

I experienced the same thing this winter. Last year I lost 10 pounds and have so far not only kept it off, but lost a few more. My endurance has increased mostly from going to the gym 3 to 4 days a week and pushing myself on the spinner. I am looking forward to this spring so I can get a test my fitness on my bike.

Good luck with your fitness goals,

John S

skilsaw 02-24-14 11:03 PM

I'm 2 months behind you. I took my first trainer ride today. I bet it is over a year since I've been on a bike. Last summer was dedicated to backpacking.
When I last used the trainer, I was able to hold 16 mph for a whole hour. That wasted me, but I could do it.
Today I was under 12 mph and I had to stop after 50 minutes. My knees were shaking when I got off the bike. Being a clyde is bad, but a retired clyde is twice as bad.

What prompted this urge to get fit again was being unable to ski a whole day a couple weeks ago. Knees shaking by 11:00 am. Time to quit before I hurt myself, but also a strong message to get back in shape.

Pakiwi 02-25-14 08:17 PM

When I started I struggled to do an hour in the bike. With variety and standing on the pedals I can now do two hours on the trainer.
Can't wait for warmer weather, but really happy I didn't slow down over winter. Even being down a few pounds will help especially on the hills.

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