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brad0383 03-22-14 03:49 PM

Too soon for carbon?
I started on a Specialized Sirrus sport. I am hovering around 325# down from 385#. I feel I have out grown my flat bar bike. I consistently go on 40 mile rides and feel great. I am planning on a century in the next few months. I am in the market for a real road bike. I have my eyes set on the Felt Z5. I already have a set of 36h Velocity Deep-V's so I am not concerned with the wheels. Should I hold off on the carbon fiber bike or will it hold up?

ndredsox 03-22-14 06:48 PM

My tri-bike is a Felt B16 with stock wheels and is an all carbon setup. In the off-season, I am hovering between 260-270, and will get down to 240 this race season. It feels perfect under my large self. I believe Felt rates their carbon frames up to 280lbs. I would hold off until you get into their specs. Though....a Felt frame with a 25mm tire and the correct wheels and it may just work. That being said, it all depends on your riding style and if you hunt for pot holes.

I have a Trek 2.1 that I use for my normal rides paired with the deep V's(32 via 105 hubs) and it has held up just fine as well. When I was 325, I stuck with a Raleigh Talus 29er until I got to 290. Us big guys have to swallow our pride and realize we are not the norm. But....when you pass the little folks, it does feel good!! Congrats on the huge weight loss!! Best bang for your buck is losing a pound vs. spending money on canon fiber.

Homeyba 03-22-14 09:27 PM

If you have your eyes on the Felt Z5, go buy it. It'll be just fine.

rebel1916 03-22-14 11:10 PM

You'll be fine.

Tel0004 03-23-14 07:34 AM

The Z5 is a good choice. I have the Z85, and I love it.

brad0383 03-24-14 07:56 AM

Thanks for the replies. I was hoping to hear some other heavy rider's experiences with carbon fiber.

Erwin8r 03-24-14 09:28 AM

I love my Carbon bike, though I'm hovering around 235 right now. Imo, it's stiffer than my classic steel bikes were, and even than my compact-framed ti bike. I know modern day Carbon frames are quite strong, and thereare plenty of 280+ Clyde's on here riding Carbon so I personally wouldn't worth about it--but that's just my opinion. ;)

chriskmurray 03-25-14 06:53 AM

You should be fine. If you want to feel even better about it you can contact the manufacturer and get their opinion, if they give you the go, that also will help if you ever have a warranty claim. Felt is a great company and their Z series bikes are pretty solid.

dhender02 03-25-14 01:58 PM


Originally Posted by Tel0004 (Post 16603005)
The Z5 is a good choice. I have the Z85, and I love it.

^^^ me too!!

I would check with Felt to make sure your weight is within specs of the frame. So if by chance you did have a problem, your warranty would cover it...

jwramseier 03-27-14 09:57 PM

At 6" 4" and 300 lbs, I bought a 2012 Felt Z5. The wheels didn't hold up, but the bike is doing just fine. I replaced the wheels with Velocity Deep V rims and increased to 36 spokes. I have about 6000 miles on the bike and 4000 miles on the wheels.

I would recommend both the wheels and the Z5. Both are great.

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