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HuffinandPuffin 03-23-14 05:08 PM

It's not about the shoes!
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So we, The Three Stooges, The Three Amigos, or The Three Little Pigs, take your pick, I think all three of them fit to some degree :roflmao2:, left the shack on GMR, and headed up to the village at Mt. Baldy. Once we got there we needed to find the public restroom, and as we're walking back to our bikes this Lady proceeded to give us a heads up on what to expect. The bottom line is that the last 1/4 mile of any "Ski Lift or Tramway" will be BRUTAL, 15%+ grade, and you will have a parking lot at the end of the road, and there will be an end of the road. As she was explaining this to us she looked down at my shoes and said, "You're not going to wear those "TENNIS SHOES" to the lifts are you?!" Yes, I did wear those "Tennis Shoes" all the way to the lifts attached to my feet in my "cages" pedaling my bike :lol: I really wasn't surprised because those "Tennis Shoes" have over 2,000 miles on them in the last 5 months. The ride was Awesome and Brutal . Don't let the "little things" stand in your way or hold you back from accomplishing your goals :thumb: Now on to the Palm Springs Tramway next Saturday!

skidder 03-23-14 07:34 PM

Wow, and I thought I was the only one bold enough to wear non-cycling-specific shoes. For me its (tennis) court style shoes with BMX-style 'pinned' pedals.

TrojanHorse 03-23-14 07:57 PM

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Wearing sneakers is one thing, wearing sneakers and attempting a crazy-hard mountain is another. ;)

Huffin just spun right up that thing though. 7,700 vertical feet for those of you counting those things. I do believe that's the most climbing I've done ever in the history of me doing climbing in one day.

HP - if you want to terrify your wife, you can show her what you did yesterday:

CommuteCommando 03-23-14 09:03 PM

Next time throw on some flip flops and go for it.

nesteel 03-23-14 09:22 PM

I wear normal tennis shoes while biking too. Need to look for a narrower pair though, as the current ones are a bit wide for the toe clips. Oh well.

RoadTire 03-23-14 09:33 PM

This will be my first year, since '75, that tennis shoes and toe clips will be replaced with bike shoes for road cycleing. Still debating on the mtb shoes. I'm thinking a open-toe (no strap) clip just for consistent foot position...

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