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Black wallnut 03-26-14 01:16 PM

Some success
February 2 I started using MFP to track calories. I am already down to my last summer low.:thumb:

I trained hard and smart this last winter, getting outside whenever I could and on the trainer when I could not. I not only entered but completed the Tour of Sufferlandria. Doing so is now paying dividends with several uphill Strava segment Pr's in the last week and a 4 sec improvement in a .3 mile sprint that I took back my KOM on last night. I'm happy with that knowing that most folks simply avoid that segment as it is clear that for non-clydes it is not really that big of a challenge. One I should have perhaps made private in the first place. I still have a ways to go both in weightloss and speed fitness improvements but progress is happening. Focus, hard work and perseverance is working for me. Thanks for reading.

TrojanHorse 03-26-14 01:41 PM

I recognize your accomplishment with a hearty golf clap. Well done!

Do you know of any way to change whether a segment is public or private after the fact? I just want to check and see how I set one of mine.

HuffinandPuffin 03-26-14 01:42 PM

^+1:thumb: Any progress is a Good Thing but when you get a PR that's even better.



Black wallnut 03-26-14 02:00 PM

TrojanHorse I looked and I cannot find a way to edit a segment after others have ridden it. I think that is fair enough. I have created a number of segments very few of which I have or had a KOM on. I do filter sometimes the results to only show my efforts. There are a small handful that I use to gauge my progress, mostly uphill ones. The downhill segments are fun and I look great on most.

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