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Mark Stone 03-26-14 10:34 PM

Keeping Logs Suggested
So now I'm 61, and using bicycling, walking and a little dieting I just lost about 70 pounds over a 2-1/2 year period (300 to 230 starting in August 2011). One thing that was critical, that I wanted to mention, is that since 1990 I've kept detailed annual log books that describe all bike rides, walks, and to a certain extent diet.

It was nice, while I was losing weight, to be able to refer to these logs. With them, I could identify what worked for fat loss, what didn't, etc. etc., and then duplicate the activity and the results.

So I'm suggesting that younger people start writing bicycle logs. Track your weight, your ride (mileage, time, how you felt, the weather during the ride, route, etc.) what you eat and how much, and write down any special memories. 30 or 40 years from now, after faithfully writing logs, when you are facing the challenge of losing weight and/or becoming healthier, it is absolutely priceless to be able to reference your own experiences from the past and view objectively what worked; then plan accordingly.

I'm not going to call anybody names if they don't, but it was a successful tactic to be able to lose the weight. :)

Anybody else have experience using logs?

mrodgers 03-27-14 05:35 AM

Keeping logs of stuff gets to be monotonous after a while. I do keep logs on a few things. I fly RC and have a log on all my RC flights. I have information everywhere though as I change how I log with the lagging technology that I have (computers, cell phones, tablets, GPS, etc.) I have info in a notebook, in an Excel file, in an Access database I was playing with, a database app when I got my first Android phone (still using that same phone) and in an RC specific app in Android.

I now do the same with bicycling. It is just for curiosity's sake and I just track mileage, hours, and the calories burned that my bike computer tells me. I started with MyTracks app because of the GPS, then tried Runtastic bike app, then started just recording the mileage down on the same database app I logged my RC on because my phone takes 10 minutes or so to find a GPS signal. Now I've downloaded Strava and RideWithGPS app to try those out. I just like knowing the mileage I've ridden so far since starting last August (580 miles August through October last year on the Walmart bike.) I want to start using a GPS mapping app to see elevation climbing because with the new bike, I can ride on the roads with all the hills around me (about 600-1100 feet climbing average I think in 10 miles/1 hour of riding on the road, I don't know if that is a lot or not to others, but sure seems like a lot to me.)

The apps would be great if it didn't take so long for me to get a lock on a GPS signal and if my battery would last for enough time on a nice long ride. I just have a cheap AT&T prepaid Android, so the phone isn't the greatest in specs, but it is $50 each and $30/month for 3 phones compared to $200+ a month for my family which isn't worth it IMO.

MikeRides 03-27-14 08:06 AM

I keep a spreadsheet of total mileage, distance ridden, time, calories and fat burned (though not too sure how accurate my bike computer is for those readings), and monthly weigh-in data. In an additional cell, I post my "feeling" of that day's ride, whether it be a commute or fitness ride.

Null66 04-02-14 07:10 AM

I've been keeping a log for my lifting about 4 years now.
Started a special purpose log (event prep) here.

People have been really supportive and helpful. Gently pointed out my errors...

softreset 04-02-14 03:36 PM

I'm a big fan of Strava for the ease of log keeping with my Garmin unit. I don't pay for the premium and I've never looked at who's #1 or the person ahead of me on a particular segment. I really like the ability to always be in a 'race' with myself and also to track month-over-month improvements.

For almost 14 weeks I did the same identical Saturday morning ride. I appreciated how I could see noticeable gains in speed as well as a drop in total time. The 35 round trip went from a 13.8 average speed to a 16.2 in less than 4 months. I also tracked weight (during that same window) and each ride I'd write a 5-10 sentence paragraph about conditions and how I felt.

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