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boatbuilder 03-28-14 09:23 PM

Longest ride to date
Spent the last couple weeks in the Scottsdale Arizona area. Been riding my bike anywhere from 12-60 Kms a day. Today I did 101 Kms. Felt good.

WonderMonkey 03-28-14 09:33 PM

Awesome! I'll bet if you kept riding then took a rest day you could push beyond that.

breadbin 04-04-14 05:38 AM

great stuff, keep it up!

Null66 04-04-14 08:34 AM


Best ride this year is 50 one day, then 25 commute in to work and a grueling 25 home the next day.

CommuteCommando 04-04-14 09:34 AM

Now repeat that in the Phoenix area this summer. ;)

CyclingSalmon14 04-04-14 10:13 AM

Only done 65 Miles in one go, but that was last summer at a casual pace when I was a bit lighter =(. And congrats 101KM!!!! WOW!

CommuteCommando 04-04-14 11:57 AM

I had been commuting by bike since '06, but those were short. For me a long weekend ride was fifteen miles. In '10 I did my first charity ride of 25 miles, my longest since I was a young kid on a "ten speed". I started pretty Clyde, and worked my way up in distance so that after a couple of health setbacks, did my first Century last November, and another last month.

Keep it up.

boatbuilder 04-07-14 09:42 PM

I'm hoping to be able to do a century this summer. I'm sure I will be able to do it but I like the journey up to it. Making certain small milestones is rewarding. I've been working on my weight (started at 265 lbs) and just hit 219.5 about 4 days ago. Next goal is 200 by July.

TrojanHorse 04-07-14 10:13 PM

Not to burst your bubble, but if you can ride 61 miles, you can ride 100 miles. The difference is mostly mental (and getting your nutrition right). Pick a flat-ish century near you and sign up for it!

OiS 04-07-14 11:35 PM

Nice one! :thumb: As TrojanHorse said, now go for 100 miles! ;) :)

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