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nkfrench 04-02-14 06:28 PM

I never seem to get bored even on some routes I've done hundreds of times.
I just fully engage all my senses and try to soak in the entire experience. There is always something different. Sights, smells, noises, etc.
I also interact ever so slightly with people I encounter. Bell, waving hi, saying howdy.
I also do each ride with a purpose and pay attention to what I'm doing so I can go faster with less effort.

OiS 04-03-14 04:36 AM

I have to second the idea of Strava. Logging your rides gets you to challenge yourself to improve on past performances and it also means that even if you are going for a solo ride, by logging it, and thereby sharing it with friends, it is not "invisible" and always counts.

I would also say that it is good to enrol in an upcoming event so that you have a reason to get out there and train.

StephenH 04-03-14 11:35 AM

Chris, the problem is that people are different and are motivated by different things.

Riding with a group makes it a lot more fun for me. Has to be the right group, though, you can get in a paceline and ride without being able to talk to anyone, then it's basically a solo ride with more hazard.

Taking pictures while I ride adds to it on occasion. Post 'em here or Facebook or wherever.

A tandem adds some fun factor to.

Exploring new areas adds some fun.

FrenchFit 04-03-14 08:50 PM


Originally Posted by Chris92009 (Post 16631591)

Thoughts? Thanks!

I think it is boring, simple as that. Mixing it up with socializing, etc. is an idea, I've used audio books and MP3, ridden at night with no lights, etc. But, frankly, I'm enjoying swimming, running, hiking, boxing a lot more at present. My bikes are gathering dust, except for weekend rides with the wife. I say, don't fight what's obvious to you, explore other alternatives. I expect I'll have a rebirth, perhaps get back into biking, but I think that's a few seasons away.

"of all the sports man has invented cycling has got to be the most unpleasant of all." - Dave Scott

thrllskr 04-04-14 08:49 AM

+1 or whatever it is to using Strava. Your life will never be the same again :)

birdhunter1 04-12-14 01:12 PM

Up till last week I worked evening hours and would ride after work around midnight or so. I found often with the same routes (on the streets that some were lit well and others weren't) that every 100' seemed new, mainly due to the fact you couldn't really see beyond 100'. Some days off I'd ride in teh evening and found the same routes to be a whole different world. You might try riding 12 hours opposite what time you currently ride just to see if it makes a difference.

rdtompki 04-13-14 09:19 AM

Ride variety directly from my house is very limited, but I find audio books and podcasts really help. The good rides all involve climbing dead-end ranch roads; I like the challenge and look forward to the descent. Once a week or so I'll drive 1/2 hour to get some variety or I'll do a 32 mile round trip to Paneras for coffee and bagel. For a senior citizen I'm pretty active otherwise and the sense of well-being I derive from cycling is priceless. Up until 6 months ago my wife and I rode our tandem almost exclusively, but she's on the disabled list and I really miss the collaborative tension of the tandem;)

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