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Chris92009 04-01-14 10:23 AM

What is best way to enjoy my 3-4 bike rides a week? Getting Bored...
I am a former bike team racer and I am 6-6" tall and, I know you are saying your a big guy for a racing team...well you are correct now since I have adding 40lbs since I have stopped riding as much as I used to train/race. That being said, what are your thoughts about enjoying my rides of 25-40 miles 3-4 times per week. I thought of listening to audio books while I ride, mixing up intensities, taking different routes etc... but I wanted to hear what you have to say. I just found this forum and I need cycling to stay part of my lifestyle to stay in shape and it is something that can be a lot of fun...

Thoughts? Thanks!

MikeRides 04-01-14 11:12 AM

I find there's nothing better than a new path. Just a simple change from a usual route can make it "less boring". I found out last summer riding the same 14 mile route got stale after awhile so I changed it up to a 25 mile loop in the opposite direction, more hills than I was used to but the ride was never boring.

You can try the audio books, but only on a MUP. If you ride in traffic, it's best to keep your attention on the road and your surroundings.

There's also the option of commuting by bicycle wherever you need to go (to work, to the store, to a friend's or relative's house). I purposely left Redbox DVDs home last summer so I had a reason to get my bike out to return them (instead of dropping them off on my way home), it's 14 miles to the nearest kiosk, plus I loved the look on people's face when they saw me ride up to the kiosk while they were forced to park and walk up. :lol:

Last option would be to find someone to ride with, carry on a conversation while you ride and the time/distance will fly by.

mcmoose 04-01-14 11:13 AM

I find riding with groups (or a partner) a great solution to boredom. Even if you're not talking during the ride, you talk before and after; also, they might show you a new route or two. So if you're doing four rides a week, maybe you could do two of them with a group or partner, and use the other two to mix up intensities, work on drills, etc.

If you do go with audio books, please cover only one ear, and keep in mind that your attention may drift to what you're listening to rather than the road ahead.

Pamestique 04-01-14 11:31 AM

I have the same problem - I'm part of a small ride group and we do the same ride every Tues and Thurs night... I am getting bored so have made some suggestions....first is to obviously find another route to try. I am trying to put somethng together. I also suggested we ride other bikes, for instance moutnain bikes instead of road (we use a MUP) just to get a better workout. But I realize what I really need to do is try something different all together so have suggested we start mountain biking Thurs or hike instead. Just something to ease the boredom. Mountain biking (and hiking) opens up more options and locals we can try.

bbeasley 04-01-14 11:40 AM

I too use group rides to keep it interesting. I also use Strava to get my competition fix and stay motivated. However, as you're a former racer Strava probably is a joke to you.

1speeder 04-01-14 11:45 AM

I thought I was the only one with this problem. I have been cycling on and off since 1986, mountain biking first then got into the road thing. I too spent most of my riding by myself and would race against the clock on different loops (mountain biking). In 2000, I did more road biking with a club and got talked into doing double century's (California Triple Crown). So, to this day, I fight putting a bike on the trainer, as it just isn't fun anymore.

Group rides are what I look forward to now, yes, I still love to give pain to others, but do enjoy the company of other cyclist. If I do go out for a ride by myself, I always feel better after the ride and wonder why I hate going out by myself? Hopefully my attitude with change once the rain seizes and the warmer weather comes out.


Chris92009 04-01-14 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by bbeasley (Post 16631891)
I too use group rides to keep it interesting. I also use Strava to get my competition fix and stay motivated. However, as you're a former racer Strava probably is a joke to you.

Not necessarily, Strava is something that could be a big help...had not thought of it before... I will look into it...there is nothing in this sport that is a joke except those that do not take it seriously..what other sport can you do the rest of your life and help you stay fit?!

Chris92009 04-01-14 11:56 AM

I think I need to get back into the groove of group sounds like that will be the best solution short term albeit I like the ideas of changing up the route backwards or riding to redbox Kiosk's...great ways to save gas or make the route more interesting!

WonderMonkey 04-01-14 12:30 PM

How about longer rides? Either solo or with someone take off on a Friday and to a two night weekend to return on Sunday. Go 200 miles total or so.

Chris92009 04-01-14 12:39 PM

Wow! had not thought of 200 miles or doing something extreme like that...could be an interesting jouney...good idea.

Seattle Forrest 04-01-14 12:46 PM

Put your bike in your car and go somewhere new and interesting. Then enjoy a long ride there.

WonderMonkey 04-01-14 01:04 PM


Originally Posted by Chris92009 (Post 16632100)
Wow! had not thought of 200 miles or doing something extreme like that...could be an interesting jouney...good idea.

It's what I'm going to do later this year. I'm doing a few one-nighters to test my setup first. I'm also going to do a single 200 mile ride just to see if I can make it. If I have to lay in a ditch for a few hours to keep going that's what I'll do.

My progression.......
- Increase miles during summer and early fall to include 100k, 100 miler, etc.
- During that time as time allows do one nighter overnights.
- Do a 200 mile weekend starting on Friday and biking to a camp ground then bike to another for Saturday night then come home
- 200 mile single outing. Have wife drop me off 200 miles away in a direction I can use as much bike paths as possible to get home. Do this on a Friday and ride overnight and see what happens.

donalson 04-01-14 02:05 PM

getting off the road an onto the MTB trail... for me there is nothing more calming and enjoyable than some great singletrack... the trail changes every time you go out which keeps you on your toes :)

jsigone 04-01-14 02:35 PM

different bikes, for different days. The change up from dirt to pavement really helps. Dirt is so much funner but the roadie speeds are addicting as well.

Strava really helps me on the solo rides. Knowing i"m timing myself or ghost timing my buddies push me a bit and doesn't let me slack off. All you need is a garmin or smart phone to use the free service.

TrojanHorse 04-01-14 04:02 PM

I thought Strava would be stupid before I tried it but I REALLY love the fact that it tracks your performance on specific segments. I also like seeing other people getting out on their bikes and yes, it motivates me to do the same. It's too bad I'm so much slower than all the dudes who own the segments around me but oh well.

There are a lot of days that I just don't feel like doing any riding and the time slips by until it's too late to do anything, or it's rush hour and I don't feel like dealing with traffic, or it's getting dark and my light isn't charged... etc etc. The usual fix is to go put my duds on - that seems to be enough to get me to leave the house.

Erwin8r 04-01-14 04:11 PM

Take both hands off the bars, lean back a bit, and say WEEEEEEEE really loud! LOL! Seriously, though, I find that mixing up the rides (commuting is an unavoidable relentless pattern, but it is still fun for me), and mixing up the bikes, helps immensely. Find different challenges, meet friends at Starbucks in different cities, etc. I love to work on my bikes, then take them out for a spin. This weekend, it was my single speed On-One CX bike--fun, light, and I forgot how much pure joy I get out of riding it. It was only a 10 mile ride, but I enjoyed every second of it. I think this is where N+1 comes into play... :thumb:

donalson 04-01-14 04:25 PM

people keep mentioning different bikes... that sort of thinking is one reason I still would love to build a SS... it's also one reason I love to go out for rides on my touring bike from time to time... on my road bike I avoid certain roads, grass and other things that could beat me or the bike up... my touring bike has 38c tires and a sprung books saddle, it laughs at mild gravel trails, big road seams, worn grass paths etc... it's also VERY slow but I use these things to force myself to sit a bit more upright and look and enjoy the things around me as I ride

cyclist2000 04-01-14 04:58 PM

I normally have a goal. I tour one week during the summer. I want to be in good riding shape to enjoy my week of touring, so I ride. I ride 4-5 20 mile days a week and a longer ride on the weekend. Last year on my tour I did a century ride and felt great afterwards. That is how I keep my interest.

mrodgers 04-01-14 07:51 PM


Originally Posted by Seattle Forrest (Post 16632116)
Put your bike in your car and go somewhere new and interesting. Then enjoy a long ride there.

Thats what I plan to do this year. I live in the middle of nowhere but have a lot of trails I could ride. I don't have much time for exploring these trails because my wife works evenings and I can't leave the kids that long. Thus on weekends she has off, I plan to travel to these trails to ride. I can count 12 trails close enough for a relatively short drive to explore that range from riding in the Allegheny National Forest with absolutely nothing around anywhere but forest to riding along the river overlooking the city of Pitsburgh.

I am trying to get my oldest daughter (13) to ride with me and explore thee trails with me.

Medic Zero 04-02-14 12:33 AM


I try and find either a new piece of road/route I want to check out or some other destination like some interesting architecture or a restaurant I want to check out and build my longer rides around that. Sometimes its a bit depressing as when I'm poring over the maps there often isn't a good way to get from where I am to where I want to go, but once I'm out on the bike, even if much of the route is the same as others I've taken, the bit of exploring that I've included keeps it interesting.

Hope that helps!

bigfred 04-02-14 01:18 AM

Commit to and sign up for an event. It'll give purpose to your rides. A Gran Fondo or two per year is enough to give you a reason for being out there and purpose to each ride.

Leebo 04-02-14 07:45 AM

Ever done a bike tour? I like the 4-5 day ones. Got a mountain bike? Great for max HR.

arex 04-02-14 08:07 AM

Friday night bike jousting down at the brewery.

WonderMonkey 04-02-14 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by arex (Post 16634547)
Friday night bike jousting down at the brewery.

I like it.

MikeRides 04-02-14 02:43 PM


Originally Posted by arex (Post 16634547)
Friday night bike jousting down at the brewery.

That's why I love riding the towpath regardless of how slow the gravel makes me roll, I seem to pass a bar through every town the towpath rides through. I could very well bar hop, but there's like 30 miles in between towns that I'd be afraid after a couple stops I'd lose my vision and end up off the trail:p On the other hand, I have stopped at this one bar with my former riding partner a couple times and each time neither one of us had to pay for a drink. I figure it must be the bikes because when I used to stop in once in awhile on my drive home from work and no one ever offered to buy me one.

Something to think about OP, though please drink responsibly.

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