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REDBEARD_WS 04-01-14 09:41 PM

first longish ride in 1.25yrs
as some may have read in my other post. I have been out of the saddle for over a year. I severed my acl, lcl, detatched a few muscles and squished my peroneal nerve. I had 2 surgeries and a lot of PT. Well it was a beautiful day today and i figured id exploite it so i knocked out a 24mi ride and made a few stops alongvthe way. Im pretty impressed with the overall speed as there was quite a few stops for this and that. Now im saddle sore and need to get some padded shorts/underwear. 400lbs on any saddle is a bit uncomfy lol so ill def be looking into some chamois cream and pads. It was also nice to break in my new specialized. I ts alot more comfy bike with kenda kross's and riser stem/bar

TrojanHorse 04-01-14 10:07 PM

If it's any comfort, 220 is not particularly comfortable on a saddle either. :lol: Give your butt time to re-acclimate but yes, get some cycling shorts.

Ouch, your injuries give me the heebie jeebies. I have personally designated 2014 the Year of No Surgeries (for me.) here's wishing the same for you. :thumb:

Erwin8r 04-01-14 11:32 PM


Originally Posted by TrojanHorse (Post 16633807)
"If it's any comfort, 220 is not particularly comfortable on a saddle either. :lol: ..."

Show-Off :p

RedBEard, welcome back. Missed your posts around here.

TrojanHorse 04-02-14 12:34 AM


Originally Posted by Erwin8r (Post 16633952)
Show-Off :p

Meh, I was 240 not very long ago. The trick is getting (and staying) under 220 and ultimately 200. I haven't seen a one and a 9 at the same time on the scale since I was in my 20s. Ahem.

breadbin 04-04-14 05:28 AM

well done! 40k at any weight is an acheivement let alone at 400lbs. i've a 50k for charity coming up so its a big deal what you did. btw i'm 316lbs and haven' been on the bike in over a year i'd say! welcome back and hope this is a good year for you:)

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