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teacherlady 04-15-14 10:15 PM

Rain gear for Athenas
Sorry for the cross post. Still wondering about rain gear for Athenas.

I'm a short fat woman, and have trouble finding cycling rain gear. Any rain pants I've found are way, way too long. I've tried a cape, but don't like wearing one in a cross wind. Though I rode 2600 miles last summer, and have done several short trips closer to home, I've managed to avoid riding in sustained rains. So far, a weather resistant jacket and cycling tights have been enough: they haven't kept me dry (nothing will when I'm riding; I sweat!) but they've done a decent job at keeping warm sweat dampness separate from mixing with the cold rain dampness, and I've mostly been comfortable enough the few times I've had to ride in rain.

However, I am planning a month of cycling in the UK this summer, and I imagine I'll find myself cycling in sustained cool rain. Will tights and a water-resistant wind breaker and a fleece cap under my helmet be enough to keep me warm? Would rain chaps be worth the weight? A helmet cover?

Can I assume that if I need it I'll be able to find it locally? I'm about a size 18w or 20 US, well beyond the standard sizes for athletic clothing.

(As a reference to how much heat I put out: If the temp is under about 62, I'll put on knee warmers and sleeves unless I'm doing a long climb. If it's under about 55, I'll add a merino shirt and switch to leg warmers. If it's under about 50, I wear fleece tights and a merino shirt.)

Thank you!

katsrevenge 04-15-14 10:30 PM

Hello fellow short fat woman! :)

I can't help you much with cycling specific gear. But I can say that the plumper UK ladies I've met online have mentioned the same sorts of problems finding well fitting athletic wear to swim/run in. I wouldn't count on being able to easily find stuff outside of specialty shops.

Can you sew? Maybe take in the too long legs and arms?

Northwestrider 04-15-14 11:25 PM

I don't believe it has much to do with size, but I just use a cheap plastic jacket. You either get wet from the outside or inside what ever approach one takes. So I don't worry about expensive , breathable fabrics. Sweat is warm until you stop, so I carry another dry shirt, just in case I flat along the way and need to stop to fix it. I ride a lot in the rain that way.

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