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abstruse 04-19-14 04:58 PM

sizing help cannondale synapse 2006
Hey guys,

In my quest to find a roady with a relaxed geometry i came across a 2006 Synapse.
But i'm not sure if it's the right size.
It's quite a long drive so i wanne make sure it's worth it.

The bike is a size 53. I am 5.11" with a leg inseam of 31"
The guys who is selling the bike is 5.8" and says it's a bit too big for him.
So now i'm not sure the bike is a right size for me since i got short legs.

Anyone riding a synapse that can shed some light on the sizing?

stephtu 04-19-14 06:08 PM

I'd suspect it's a bit small for you, I think you'd likely fit better on the 56. FWIW I'm an inch shorter than you, with about a half inch shorter inseam, so also short legs, and ride a 54 (not the Synapse, though I did test a newer Synapse and almost got it in the 54). But I'm kind of between 54 and 56, rather than between 54 and 52, thus with you slightly bigger that would point to 56. The 53 is going to have better standover clearance for your short legs, but your upper body probably will be a bit cramped, and if you are after more relaxed (upright) position you'd want the larger head tube on the bigger bike. Those of us with proportionately short legs for our height have to sacrifice standover to get the bike comfortable for our upper bodies, which is a lot more important while actually riding; only way to get normal standover is to go custom.

spdracr39 04-19-14 07:29 PM

I am 6'0 and 31" inseam and I ride a 58cm. I feel like it is one size to large so a 56cm would fit me perfect. The 53 is going to be a little small.

catonec 04-19-14 09:35 PM

at 5'11 a 53 will be too small. probably need at least a 56 if not 58.

daviddavieboy 04-20-14 04:53 AM

I just bought a supersix(basically the same) I am 6.0' with a 31" inseam. and the 36 is perfect for me. Almost as comfortable as my old touring

abstruse 04-20-14 12:33 PM

thanks for your replies guys!

So i was worried of the bike being to big based on the following size guide, and the comments of the seller:

According to the size guide, with my inseam i need a 52cm frame. But my length could go for a 54cm or even a 56cm frame.
Arg, this is so confusing..........

TrojanHorse 04-20-14 12:57 PM

You really don't size bikes by inseam these days, there's plenty of room to move the seat post up and down. The effective top tube length is more along the lines of what is required. A frame that is too small will give you more drop from the saddle to the bars, which is probably not what you're after either.

And is that your pants inseam or the cycling inseam?

abstruse 04-23-14 03:14 PM


Originally Posted by TrojanHorse (Post 16687597)
And is that your pants inseam or the cycling inseam?

I put a level between my legs and had someone measure the distance towards the floor.

I think i will let the deal pass and look for a bike with a bigger frame.

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