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Pakiwi 05-24-14 08:51 PM

Hill 1- me 0
I decided to create a hilly 12 mile loop to increase my Hill strength.
Let's just say I only completed 10 of the 12 miles as I had to turn back due to it getting too hard to keep going.
Going to change my 53/39 cranked for 48/34 tomorrow and will give it another go. Guess if that still isn't enough I may have to go to a larger chain ring on the rear. Currently 28.I stopped when the gradient hit 16%
Once I have this tackled I'm sure it will help my strength and lungs.

mcmoose 05-24-14 09:25 PM

39:28 is awfully tall for a 16% grade! Even making it up with 34:28 earns my respect. Good work, you!

B8888S 05-24-14 09:40 PM

Yikes only a 28 n the rear. I run a 32 on the back and am not ashamed to use it when I need it!

Pakiwi 05-25-14 06:05 AM

I do have a triple I could go to from when I was in Wellington. I have both problem going to it by will have to change the rear derailleur to a long cage one.
From the hills I have been doing I thought I was stronger than I was but apparently not.
Map my ride classifies the two Hills as grade 4 and grade 5. I am not sure I would like to tackle anything lower than that.

daviddavieboy 05-25-14 06:34 AM

My bike came with a 12 -27. For the first 2 weeks I REALLY missed my triple touring bike, now not so much. Where I live most of the hills average 7-10% and I avoid them most of the time. My 20 mile rides usually only have about 600ft of climbing but there is one that has about 100ft of 19% and average of 9% but is only 1/2 mile long. I can just barely do that one. If you completed 10 of 12 miles in a loop, why not just finish instead of doing another 10 miles? As far as the hill, there is no shame in walking if you have to to get to the crest, you WILL conquer it and it will feel GREAT. been there done that!

Pakiwi 05-25-14 07:27 AM

Around PA where I live there are no flat areas. It's hills in every direction. I know if I tackle these hills I will get stronger and they will get easier. There were hills when I started that I biked up that I would stop or stop at the top to wait for my lungs to catch up with me. I can conqueror these hills now and one I even stand going up. I have no problems walking but when I got to the other side I would have had an almost equal time back up. I know that when I lived I Wellington New Zealand I had a two mile gradient hill to go up at the start and end of my rides. Though back then I didn't carry the extra weight and had a 1:1 triple with a granny gear.

Pakiwi 05-25-14 08:09 AM

For those with road bikes and hills in the area what gears do you run.
Also what configuration. If I go to 34 in the rear I'm guessing I would have to go with a mtb 9 speed rear derailleur. I have Shimano 10 speed shifters.

Pakiwi 05-25-14 04:50 PM

Well with the compact crank I was able to get up it. I stopped three times till my heart rate dropped, and then took off again.
The other side was a steady slope and I got up it fine.
My numbers are
13.56 miles
1 hour 15 mins
Climbed 1298 feet, Max 19 %
Tomorrow I will try to do it with two stops.
Now I rest and relax.

Little Darwin 05-25-14 06:10 PM

Congrats! Good luck on increasing how far up you can ride before the first stop with each new attempt!

mrodgers 05-25-14 09:34 PM

Hats off to you superclydes climbing with road gearing. I have a hybrid with a 26/34 low gear and not ashamed to say I use it. My max grade at any point I think is only 11% according to ride with gps. I think most grades are in the 8% range. Also in PA, it is nothing but up and ddown in any direction from my house. I typically ride 10-14 miles and climb 1050-110 feet. Looking at time though, I am probably climbing 90% of the ride timewise because it only takes maybe 10 seconds to go down, then I'm trudging back upagain for 5-10 minutes.

CommuteCommando 05-26-14 09:52 AM

I ran a mega range 13-34 on my first aluminum road bike. I was about 250 at the time. When I hit 210, I rewarded myself with an upgraded road bike, 105 compact with 12-28 cassette. It is pretty hilly where I live, but I have to go looking for stuff over 6%, with one sad exception-the 10% hill leading home. I can go to a 30 tooth on the rear without changing the derailleur, or I can loose another 40#. I'm still working on the latter, but its getting harder.

IBOHUNT 05-26-14 07:09 PM

Congrats. Keep doing that once a week and in no time there will be no stopping. Remember to give your body time to recover.

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