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Marks321 06-04-14 10:30 AM

Looking for ideas on Hybrid for 6'3" 275 guy
Hello there, my name is mark, I'm thinking about buying a bucycle this weekend and would really appreciate some suggestions or insight to see if I'm on the right track...

I purchased a diamondback insight 1 from sports authority (and a ladies version for the girlfriend) on a whim last week and on my third ride the rear tire went flat! I decided to return it as I never felt that comfortable on it, figured I'd rather spend a little more at a LBS.

I tried a couples giant brand bikes but wasn't really sure about them. Then visited a Trek store and tried the Trek 7.2 FX after hearing good things about it and thought it was a major step forward from the diamondback, and I felt much more comfortable/safer on the 36 diameter wheels(reminded me of my childhood mountain bike). However I figure I should try a few more, thinking of trying a Specialized sirrus elite or Cannondale quick 4 (Carbon fork, wider tires)

I'd love to get some feedback/more ideas before I drop the cash...

oh I should add I live on the jersey shore and would be riding mostly on paved roads or wooden boardwalks or occasionally packed dirt trails. And would love to work up to a 25 mile ride this summer to sandy hook and back !

Kobe 06-04-14 11:28 AM

Welcome Mark from another Mark. What size Trek are you looking at? At 6'3" you are probably right in between the 22.5" and the 25". I can not think of another brand that carries a 25" frame so if that is the one you rode you are kind of limited.

Little Darwin 06-04-14 11:32 AM

I am 6' and 340-350# and have a bit over 300 miles on a 2011 Trek 7.3 FX that I bought used. Because I am extremely large, I beefed it up with better wheels, but if I was at your weight, I would be comfortable with the stock wheels.

Most of my riding is on crushed stone rail trails, or paved Multi-Use trails on the levees around here. I think the 32 mm on the FX line is wide enough for you, again, I went beefier due to my weight, and ride 35 mm tires.

The other bikes I don't know, but looking quickly, I have a bias against wheels with paired spokes, so I would avoid that particular Cannondale... I have ridden for miles with a broken spoke on standard wheels, I don't think that would have been possible on a paired spoke wheel.... but someone else may know otherwise.

FYI - My bias is toward bomb-proof because on my favorite rail trails I am sometimes 7+ miles from the nearest trail head, so I want to do whatever I can to make sure I have no mechanical issues. Otherwise, I would have probably stuck with the stock wheels on my FX.

OmegaGator 06-04-14 11:47 AM

I'm 6'7 around 350lbs and I carry stuff with me, so total weight 370lbs. I also bike very aggressively now, and hit off road a few times.
I have a trek 7.3 FX 25", I've had no issues with it holding my weight. I've done roughly 300km and it is completely stock.

At 275lbs you should have no issues.

decotriumph 06-04-14 01:32 PM

I'm close to your size. I'm 6'2" and 285. My hybrid is an XL sized Cannondale Quick 4 (Quick 4 - RECREATION & URBAN - BIKES - 2014) and it works great for me. That particular model has an aluminum frame and carbon fork blades. The stock saddle was an immediate torture device for me so my LBS switched it out for a wider, softer Serfas and it's much better.

Marks321 06-04-14 01:44 PM

Thank you for the quick replies. Nice to know I'm looking in the right direction and others my size are having success with these models.

Mark em the trek 7.2 I tested was a 22.5 but I will certainly be asking about the 25 on my next visit!
little Darwin now you have me thinking about the 7.3 haha. At what point is the carbon fork introduced? 7.4?
wow that's impressive omega gator, definitely feeling more confident
and Alan thank you for mentioning the quick, I will be trying that one tomorrow !

WestPablo 06-04-14 01:46 PM

Checkout the Giant Escape, the Trek FX, the Specialized Sirrus, the KHS Urban Series, and the Jamis Coda...

1loosemoose 06-04-14 02:35 PM

Here's another vote for the trek FX. I have the 7.3 and started at 282 lbs with no problems and love the bike.
I'm 6'4" with a 34" inseam and ride the 25" frame comfortably.
I'm sure other manufacturers make something similar. Good luck to you!

Marks321 06-05-14 03:59 PM

So it turns out my girlfriend wants one too, and has her heart set on the 7.4 WSD and also really wants me to get the 7.4 (why are girls so fond of things matching?) I tried the 7.4 and did appreciate the smoothness of the carbon fork and ISO zone handle bar and grips but am concerned about the narrower tires the 7.4 comes with vs 7.2(32mm vs 35) should I be ?

dhender02 06-06-14 12:41 PM

I started out with the 7.3, I was weighing roughly 245lbs at the time and 6'0 tall. I never, never had a problem, it's completely stock. I've ridden over 1000 miles on it... However, I too thought I would like the ISO handle bar grips, but I started noticing on rides longer than 25 miles, my wrist would start hurting..... Not sure if it was the handle bar grips, or just the nature of a hybrid with 1 hand position.... If I hadn't gotten a new road bike, I was going to swap the grips out with for a regular pair. I mainly ride my road bike now, don't have the problem with my wrist hurting...

1loosemoose 06-06-14 05:53 PM


Originally Posted by Marks321 (Post 16824893)
So it turns out my girlfriend wants one too, and has her heart set on the 7.4 WSD and also really wants me to get the 7.4 (why are girls so fond of things matching?) I tried the 7.4 and did appreciate the smoothness of the carbon fork and ISO zone handle bar and grips but am concerned about the narrower tires the 7.4 comes with vs 7.2(32mm vs 35) should I be ?

Nah, I don't believe you will have any problems with this tire size at all. That's what is on my FX and I really like it.
It's a little smoother ride and more forgiving with rocks on the road than the 28 mm on my road bike but you can still go out and ride long rides.

I am betting you both will love the FX!

CliftonGK1 06-06-14 06:53 PM

I'm biased because I work in a Trek shop, and because I've personally had a bad experience with Specialized and arguing with their warranty department for months before receiving a sub-par replacement...

But I'd go with the Trek FX series. In particular because for a few bucks more you can get Trek Care Plus. Not to sound like too much of a brand shill, but here's the deal: You buy it (I think it's about $75 for the FX 7.2) and it covers 3 years of parts replacements on Trek's dime. Anything with the exception of brake pads and tires. You break it, Trek replaces it for 3 years, up to a total replacement value of the original purchase price of your bike.

As a Clyde, you're going to wear stuff out faster than a little 125 pound rider. If you replace a chain and cassette per year, you've more than paid for the TCP coverage. You bust a saddle rail, bend a rim, or even worst case; bust a frame; it's covered.

Ventana Rider 06-16-14 07:46 PM

I'm late to the party, but the Kone Dew Plus is awesome. I picked one up a couple months back and love it for commuting and bombing around town. I outfitted it with fenders (it occasionally rains in the Seattle area), a rack, and lights.

I'm 6' 3", 255#.

Vexxer 06-16-14 09:38 PM

Size wise, an the XL (23inch) frame for Giant hybrids would fit you. I'm 6'5 and about 220, and it fits me great. You would have to ask the LBS about max weight on them though, I just don't know.

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