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Tekcor1 06-08-14 12:28 AM

Anyone have 2XL Clyde jersey to sell?
I stopped by my LBS and they only had one 2XL jersey, and it fit like an XL. Does anyone have any 2XL jerseys they aren't using anymore and are interested in selling? I want to try one or two and see if I like them before I spend the money on new ones I can't even try on before buying. Thanks.

bigfred 06-08-14 12:39 AM

You are likely to find that there is a wide range of sizing in what is labelled "2XL".

I have a couple 2XL Campy jerseys in decent shape that I would part with reasonably. I'll have a look through my closet and see if there are any others.

For sizing's sake, how tall are you, what is your chest size, waist size and weight?

jeepseahawk 06-08-14 01:22 AM

I normally wear 2xl in street clothes but noticed in bike jersey that doesn't mean squat. Bike jerseys depend on brand, some 2xl are perfect some are extremely tight, even have a 4xl that fits perfect. Really have to try them on, I have a couple that I will sell you cheaply, if they don't fit send back. PM me, Jim

1loosemoose 06-08-14 05:27 AM

I normally wear 2xl in t-shirts and I've tried on a specialized 3xl that was so small I could barely get it on.

I have purchased a couple of jerseys from aerotech and love them and they run true to size in my opinion.
Check out their Elite cycling jersey it's pretty sweet.

MRT2 06-08-14 08:18 AM

Sizing is all over the map. In general, cycling jerseys are going to be tight, so keep that in mind. I usually wear an XL T Shirt, but these days, I am alternating between a couple of XXL jerseys I bought on sale from a LBS in the off season. The looser of the two is a Bontrager Solstice Jersey exactly like the one pictured here.Bontrager Solstice Short Sleeve Jersey - Trek Bicycle Store Madison, WI

Somewhat more snug fitting is an XXL Pearl Izumi Jersey, also purchased on sale from a LBS.

I also own an XL Serfas Jersey I purchased last year from Nashbar. It was snug but OK last year, but I gained a few lbs and now it is tight. I imagine an XXL would fit similar to the Bontrager. It is decent quality and a steal for the $14.99 Nashbar is charging, though the color is boring.
Serfas Nova Jersey - Normal Shipping Ground

Tekcor1 06-08-14 10:52 AM

Thanks for the replies. As Bigfred suggested, I should have given my stats. I'm 6'1", 235 lbs. 38" waist, 46" chest. I will PM those that said they have something to sell. Thanks!

Tekcor1 06-08-14 11:08 AM

Ugh, hit with the dreaded "You must have 50 posts to PM" message. Well, those that offered I'll be in touch when I hit 50 messages, or you can email me at paulgrenier at aol dot com.

decotriumph 06-08-14 11:25 AM

There are various advertised "fits" in jerseys. One is a "club fit" which is looser than "race fit." I noticed that Nashbar has some that are "semi-fitted" and some they show as "regular fit." I have no idea if that means regular club fit, regular race fit, or regular street clothes fit. Probably none of those! I wear 2XL T-shirts and find that Voler's 3XL "club fit" jerseys are snug but fit me OK.

CommuteCommando 06-08-14 11:30 AM

Try this tread.

I have also gotten decent XXL jerseys here. Jerseys - Kucharik

TrojanHorse 06-08-14 08:25 PM

There is SO much variation in jersey sizing. I'm almost exactly your size (except 215) and wear predominantly XXL jerseys and there is a pretty huge range in how they fit. "American" brands like Performance tend to fit more loosely and European brands fit like saran wrap. If they even fit. I have a XXL Castelli jersey that I cant even zip up. It hangs in the closet, taunting me.

One option for you is to shop via the internet at places that offer free returns (Amazon comes to mind).

ahultin 06-08-14 10:25 PM

I like to visit the primal wear outlet online. Every once in a while they will have a good range of jerseys as low as 19.95 and if you sign up for their email list a few times a year they have 50% off the outlet sales. This is the lowest price jersey they show currently in a 2xl

Forgot to add, I am quite a bit bigger than you at @280ish and can wear their 3xl without feeling I am going to bust through it but prefer their 4xl

wvridgerider 06-11-14 03:55 PM up to3x

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