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Ray Dockrey 06-11-14 11:32 AM

Congrats on the new bike. I started with a Walmart bike many moons ago and I spent a couple of months on it till I realized I needed something a little better. That was many bikes ago lol. The only issue I have with a Walmart bike is not being able to get a good fit on it. This can turn people off of riding because it isn't real comfortable. You see people riding a Walmart bike and their seat is too low or they are too scrunched or stretched out and they don't know any better. Then they quit riding because the bike is uncomfortable.

Other then that I think its an okay place to start and see if riding is for you. This way you can ride it and decide on what riding style you like and what to look for in your next bike. Plus you can be riding while looking for something used to come along with a little more patience. Congrats again.

Gnosis 06-11-14 11:42 AM

WestMichiganGuy, congratulations on your bike purchase. Ride as often as you can and don’t get discouraged, as the toughest part is starting out. Bear in mind that, the more effort you put into it, the greater will be your results though I’d go easier for the first 2 to 4 weeks of bicycling to allow your heart and legs to acclimate to the new cardio routine.

Don’t pay any mind to those who don’t approve of your bike purchase, as it’s no genuine concern of theirs and some individuals aren’t happy unless they're whizzing on someone’s campfire. :rolleyes:

Turzy 06-12-14 01:46 AM

Congrats on the bike :) Go out and enjoy riding :)

Beachgrad05 06-12-14 04:14 PM

Saw this on Facebook today on my LBS page - made me think of this thread.

Note: I'm teasing... :D

OP - enjoy your new ride!!!

Zoxe 06-12-14 06:44 PM

I started with a 10 year old bike from K-mart. It let me decide that my infatuation with getting fitter and riding bikes was not just a passing thing. I got the miles I needed out of it, then gave it to the neighbor kid when I bought my Giant.

Go enjoy. Ride it like you stole it. :)

jeepseahawk 06-13-14 03:08 AM

This thread reminds me of when I was 14 years old. All my buddies had these cool Torkers and Redlines and I was riding this piece of junk someone tossed out, they made fun of me and I did not care at all, was just happy I could ride with them. I cherished that piece of junk like it was my firstborn, it made me understand some things in life later on. Those same kids that made fun of my bike still exist in their 30s, 40s, 50s. To the OP, ride that bike with all your heart, stay with it and lose some weight like the rest of us want in this forum. That bike will be just fine, if you lived closer I would be more than happy to set you up on it and tune it when needed. In reality, a bike is a bike, of course there are better bikes that go faster but the key in your purchase is to get back in shape, any bike will do that.
When you do get really into it and I hope you do, beware of the bike bug, it will bankrupt the best of us. Some of us on here know what I am talking about.

katsrevenge 06-13-14 03:26 AM

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This is my fiancÚ on his favorite bike... the infamous Walmart fixie. As far as I can tell, these fixie/SS bikes are hated by all on BF. But, he loves it.
He's no Cylde... but it makes me say... if you like it, ride it!

nthnynvk 06-14-14 06:17 PM

The positive attitude from most of the members here and my brothers success in weight loss on a bike are what make me so excited to get out and ride. Congrats on the buy op I wish you nothing but the best. Now I need my bike to be back from the shop even more.

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