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Lvlbiker 06-11-14 08:53 PM

Heart Rate monitor
I rode 17 miles tonight. It's the longest ride to date. I made it in 1:21:00 so it wasn't a bad pace. As I've lost weight (96 lbs since November) I've gotten more and more interested in getting fitter. At the gym I track my HR and I would like to do the same while riding to make sure I getting a good workout. Is anyone using the Polar H7? I would like it to sync with either mapmyride or strava.

Any feedback is appreciated. If you have a different recommendation please feel free to chime in.


JBHoren 06-11-14 10:05 PM

On Google, search for: heart rate monitor

Read, enjoy, learn, act... and share.

TrojanHorse 06-11-14 11:18 PM

I think if you want it to work with strava, you're limited to an iPhone at this point (or a full on GPS device like a Garmin Edge). wahoo fitness makes stuff to turn your phone into a bike computer, it seems good.

Or just bite the bullet and get a Garmin edge 500 on sale somewhere. :)

Congrats on your ongoing weight loss too.

ill.clyde 06-12-14 07:06 AM

I have the H7 .... and I pair it to Endomondo. After a little trial and error, it works fabulously.

Funny thing though, it doesn't like to pair sometimes with the Polar Beat app that you can use with it that's made by the company that makes the strap. :roflmao2:

I like it because I can wear it in the gym, and on the bike, and the strap is washable. Plus, with it paired to my phone I don't have to wear a watch when I ride.

Congrats on the weight loss!

psalm 06-12-14 10:08 AM


Originally Posted by TrojanHorse (Post 16843992)
Or just bite the bullet and get a Garmin edge 500 on sale somewhere. :)

What he ^ said.

El Paso Mark 06-12-14 01:29 PM

Greetings all. I use Garmin products: Edge 800, Forerunner 610, and FR70. All are compatible with Map my ride, and of course there's the Garmin website too. All have Heart Rate Monitors. The 800 and 610 are GPS capable (The 800 has a map display, the 610 doesn't), the 70 isn't. I bought the 800 first and use it as my primary device on my bike, but also wear the 610 (Purchased months later) at the same time and use it for the "Training Effect" function and it's better calorie burning calculation. I bought and use the 610 primarily for when I walk/jog. And I use the FR70 when doing calisthenics, weights, mowing the lawn, etc.

If you want a really nice multi-purpose device with GPS to record your rides, I'd recommend the Forerunner 610. If you just want simple time, calorie, and heart rate recording I recommend the FR70. For in depth reviews, questions, and answers on these 3 (And other) devices go here (Under Product Reviews):

DC Rainmaker



Lvlbiker 06-12-14 04:08 PM

Thanks for all the feedback. I'll check out the garmin products as well.

donalson 06-13-14 09:46 PM

i'm a bit of a geek and love data... but i'm also a perpetually broke stay at home dad and full time student... I bought an old android phone with ant+ (the thing that makes garmin devices so special) specificly an HTC RHYME for about $30... I had an old ant+ HRM strap, installed a speed/cadence sensor and installed an app called IPbike which gives the phone almost all the functionality of a garmin 800 series ... I will prob replace the phone with a forerunner 305 when one comes up for the right price on craigslist.

other options are picking up a bluetooth HRM and using your phone.

JakiChan 06-13-14 11:41 PM

I'm on my second H7. The first one crapped out. This seems to be a common thread.

Personally I'm waiting for the Wahoo TICKR X. The base TICKR might work well for you. Bluetooth *and* ANT+ support, so if you get a Garmin later on you don't need another HRM.

NurseWizzle 06-14-14 02:25 AM

I have the H7 and haven't had any problems... yet. Hopefully I don't. I pair it with MMR. I don't think its compatible with Strava.

Null66 06-14-14 06:06 AM

I have a 500 and a varmint hr strap. Strap has gone flacky

Cychologist 06-14-14 06:52 AM


Originally Posted by Null66 (Post 16850209)
I have a 500 and a varmint hr strap. Strap has gone flacky

I got a Garmin 800 when they first came out and have had to replace the heart rate strap three times, the first time for free. They have revised it twice, but I haven't tried their new addition. That said, I love my Garmin.

Null66 06-14-14 06:57 AM

Love the garmin.

Strap worked enough for the purpose, pushing training very hard this spring.
But it gave up the ghost...

I'm barrel chested, read the compatible polar won't be comfortable. Might try it anyway.

Lvlbiker 06-15-14 10:57 AM

Bought a Polar H7 mainly due to cost. The garmin products look great but were a little more than I wanted to spend as a beginner. The Polar synced with the MapMyRide app easily without issue and kept track of my heart rate the whole ride. I'll try it as the gym this week to see how it works with the Polar Beat app. Wanting to keep track so I have an indicator if fitness.

Thanks for for the feedback.

ChargerDawg 06-15-14 07:36 PM


You wear it on your wrist and it connects via bluetooth to any cycling app.

I have the alpha one watch, but they have a strap only for 99 dollars.

NurseWizzle 06-16-14 03:51 AM


Originally Posted by ChargerDawg (Post 16853958)

You wear it on your wrist and it connects via bluetooth to any cycling app.

Even Stava?

bbeasley 06-16-14 07:00 AM

My experience with several brands of HRM straps including Garmin:

Rinse after most rides = lasts until the elastic gives up

Don't rinse = buy a new one in less than a year

The Garmin transmitter unsnaps for easy rinsing.

ChargerDawg 06-16-14 08:51 AM


Originally Posted by NurseWizzle (Post 16854610)
Even Stava?


Settings>External Devices> Bluetooth > On.

I have the Mio Alpha it was 200 a year ago.

The Mio Link is new and just has the HRM functions which is fine, as I generally don't look at the watch display anyway.

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