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Clipless pedals, cleats and shoes - Whats your experience?

Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

Clipless pedals, cleats and shoes - Whats your experience?

Old 08-01-14, 09:05 AM
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Clipless pedals, cleats and shoes - Whats your experience?

All things being equal other than shoes, pedals, and cleats I have determined...
Shimano R170 shoes, Shimano Yellow 3 bolt SPD, and Shimano 6800 Carbon pedal VS Giro Privateer shoes, Time 2 bolt SPD, and Time ATAC XC6 pedal
I have heard there is no difference in power and comfort from various word of mouth, internet, LBS and other random sources.
What I learned:
I average 1.2 mph faster with a Shimano set up
I have no hotspots with a Shimano set up
My legs are less fatigued with a Shimano set up
I slip and fall more when walking with a Shimano set up
Road setup is more difficult to clip-in and clip-out

Bottom line, for rides longer than 15 miles, road shoes are superior. For commuting and casual rides, MTB shoes are superior.

What is your experience?
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I've tried a bunch of different shoes and pedals. I currently use 2-bolt Shimano SPD pedals on every bike I ride regularly. With a good shoe (Specialized Comp MTB in my case) I can ride all day, every day and not have problems. At this point, I can't really see any point to using 3-bolt road pedals and shoes. They're more difficult to clip in, more difficult to walk in, and the plastic cleats wear out faster. The numbers coming out of my power meter are the same regardless of which type of pedal I use, so I don't see any real advantages to road shoes and pedals.
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I don't have power data like sstorkel, but I prefer my road shoes and SPD-SLs for my road bike (Shimano shoes with carbon fiber soles and Ultregra pedals) and Eggbeaters and MTB shoes for my commuter.

I honestly don't like riding without being clipped into something. Unless I'm doing MTB stuff.
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Commuter and the bike I take on my travels; Xpedo R-force pedals w/ Scott Tour shoes:

Over 100 mile club rides and charity century rides; roadbike with Speedplay X2 pedals and SIDI shoes:
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Originally Posted by thrllskr
I slip and fall more when walking with a Shimano set up
Cleat covers.
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I have specialized Tahoe MTB shoes and Shimano PD-M530 pedals, been happy from day one.
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I use Shimano PDT400 Clickr Pedal and Keen Men's Arroyo Pedal Cycling Shoe which are pretty heavy but I love keen shoes, I can walk in them so life is good. I wear them for every ride. The pedals are so easy to clip in and out of. I haven't had any issues at all and I am green to riding in general and deff using clips.
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I've used SpeedPlay Zero's with expensive Bontrager shoes and cheaper Garneau triathlon shoes. Great on the bike, really sucks to walk in. I dislike them so much for any walking I've taken them off and now run SPDs on both my commuter and road bike. I use PI shoes, the ones that look like tennis shoes and you can walk on any surface with them without the cleat touching the floor. No difference in performance between the 2 setups. I typical ride 150 miles/week with 100 of that being longish weekend rides.

Knocking on wood, in just over 10,000 miles, I've yet to fall from being clipped in. I have however fallen twice trying to walk in the #*&^%*# SpeedPlays. Once with the covers on and once without.
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I've used speedplay pedals of one stripe or another since 1997. I trashed my knee and was no longer able to use my old pedals without discomfort and I haven't tried anything but speedplay in the intervening years. I demoed some Time pedals back then and didn't particularly care for them.

Currently - Speedplay LightAction and Sidi Genius pro 5 shoes. I use KeepOnKovers at all times (they stay on, very handy! I lost my speedplay cafe covers about a month after I bought them) and find that walking isn't awesome but it's not hazardous either, anymore.

If I commuted or walked a lot in my shoes, I'd probably get some mountain pedals & shoes but I don't. I pretty much hop on my bike at my house, ride to where I'm going and change. (or I ride home, and promptly remove my shoes). If I go into a 7-11 for water, I do just fine walking that distance.
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Specialized comp road shoes, Speedplay Zero because of the ability to mount farther back. I tried Look Keo and could not adjust back far enough for comfort. For CX I use Specialized mtb comp with egg beaters.
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Specialized MTB shoes with Shimano SPD, no problems
Sidi Road shoes with SPD-SL, I feel more securely 'attached' but have MUCH more trouble getting my second foot clipped in. The ultra slick bottom of the shoe is no help in the hunt/peck search for the pedal. I have to do the 1-foot pedal with the clipped in side and be careful with the other while I try to make the connection.
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I experimented with all sort of systems... I currently use Time Atac on the road bike and Time ZControl on the mountain bikes. Good thing about both, if I grab the wrong shoes (I have shoes for road and mountain biking) the cleat works in either pedal... some time ago I use Speedplay X2. That pedal permanently damaged the ball of my left foot so I now always have a hot spot started about 30 miles out (I can almsst pinpoint 30 miles without looking at the odometer). I just work with it and if necessary stop pedal and rest my foot.

BTW I favor Sidi Dominator's over all shoes... most comfortable ever! And I can walk in them... when I used Speedplays... I just would not get off the bike. I usually carried some flipflops just in case I needed to walk around... I hated those cleats! Easy to use though so there's that...

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I'm currently using shimano a520 pedals and mt88 mtn shoes. First clipless setup and I'm liking them. I do believe I have a hot spot with my left shoes cause I had some discomfort with my ride yesterday. First time that I've had that feeling in my foot.
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I'm with sstorkel on mountain bike shoes and pedals. I've used them on mountain bike rides, commutes, winter riding, long road rides and 1500 mile bicycle tours. I'd hate to think how hard it would have been to do the silly walk in road shoes on a bike tour.
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Road I am using pearl izumi MTB shoes and shimano pedals. For MTB I use specialized bennies and five ten shoes
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