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I need help/suggestions.... Training Suggestions please

Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

I need help/suggestions.... Training Suggestions please

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I need help/suggestions.... Training Suggestions please

So after the birth of my first kid 7 months ago and me hitting 39 in July it is time I took serious action on my weight. I am doing good so far in the diet category. But here is my problem.

I signed up for the Tour de Cure here in my area. No I didn't do anything so foolish as sign up for the 100 mile. I just got my bike back from the shop - new tubes and tires. So I started last week.

Where I am at right now: I can do 4 miles in about 20 min and it doesn't totally kill me. I am pretty sure I can do about 6 to 7 but would end up having to have my wife scoop me off the street.

My "race" is on Sept 20th. I only signed up for the 10 mile ride. The next one up is 26. I didn't even think that was an option. I am using this as a - I need to do this kinda thing. Friends and family have already ponied up to about $300 for me (over the 200 goal) so a lot of people think I can do this.

Two things:

#1 : I have to get prepped to do 10 miles on Sept 20th on my big ole Giant MTB. Right now I can do about 4 comfortably.

#2 : I have NEVER done one of these rides before in my life. I am terrified that I will end up with little kids passing me for 2 hours and then have the helper truck carry me back to my truck in shame.

What I am looking for:

Advice on how to train in basically a month. Do I ride 7 days a week till the race? Every other day? Do I do 4 mile rides for a week and step it up? Do I just push 3 times a week till I collapse?

What would be the best "training" schedule for me to do so I don't go out there and embarrass myself?

Thank you in advance fellow Clydes/Athenas. I used to love coming here a couple years ago - but fell off the bike sorta speak. I am hoping to be back in full force and at the VERY least stick to it for my little girl.
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Forget about distance. Ride for time. You are doing 20 minutes now, add two minutes a day for three days, rest a day, then subtract 2 minutes and go again. So it will look like this:

In a month's time you will be up to at least 8 miles. From there adding two more will be no problem. Pay no attention to speed and breathe deeply while you are riding. Stay relaxed, look around often. Every few minutes stand and peddle for a short ways, 50-100 feet. Keep moving your hands. Vary your cadence favoring an easier gear and spin more. If you feel you need more rest than this then rest more but make up for it by adding 3 minutes instead of 2 daily. The first two weeks will likely be uncomfortable for you, expect it. You make it through that and you will be well on your way to accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself. It is all about getting your body trained to ride a bike. You can do this. You might even surprise yourself with how easy it becomes. You may even be ready for 20 miles in a month. Make sure you have fun.
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I agree with Black wallnut but would add that there is nothing wrong with "little kids passing me for 2 hours and then have the helper truck carry me back to my truck..." There are many people in the SAG wagons for different reasons, there's no shame in that IMO. At least you tried and did something.

Good luck, keep pushing!
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You are doing it! That is what matters. No matter the level of the rider...there is always someone faster and slower. We all get doubts in our minds, what separates people in sports is how they overcome the doubt. Control your fear and have fun.
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Thanks guys. I will take your suggestion Black. I logged in this morning planning on deleting this post. I know 10 miles to you guys is a warmup. Turns out I get some good advice. Thanks!
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It'll be a warmup to you one of these days too if you keep at it.
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All great advice. Low intensity training is the best for increasing distance and speed will come with fitness. Don't begin your riding career by comparing your speed with other riders as there will always be faster riders. It is all about enjoying the ride and the added bonus of burning calories. The Tour de Cure rides are great for beginner riders because they offer the shorter casual distances. Find another rider that is a first timer and ride together. Having a companion will make the 10 miles pass before you know it. Congrats on accepting the challenge !!!
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On those rides, you will find riders of all ages, sizes and abilities. There is usually not a mass start so there is no race. Go at your pace. Rest when you need to do. Keep pedaling every day and you will do fine.
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You will want to have some smooth or low tread tires, make a huge difference if you are just riding just pavement.
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Originally Posted by TrojanHorse
It'll be a warmup to you one of these days too if you keep at it.
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You can do it!

I started somewhat like you in May. Could barely do 5 miles, way overweight at almost 280, sedentary for years, turned 36 and decided to do something. I am ALSO signed up to ride the Houston Tour De Cure on 9/20.

Now I'm signed up and doing 47 miles and not even stressed about it. 20 lbs and about 1000 miles later, it's not as daunting as it would have sounded to me in may or june.

You can DEFINATELY do the 10 miler, maybe the 26 if you work hard. Its all about time in the saddle. Don't stress about the miles you are doing or the speed you are doing them in. Those things will increase with time, but first you have to put the time in to build your muscles and endurance, and to get your body used to the bike/pain that comes with that.

Get a pair of bike bibs, they help enormously, but most of all, get up, get on the bike, and ride ride ride!
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I agree 10 miles will be no problem :-). Black Wallnut as always has some great advice :-).

If you do not already have at least one water bottle and cage I would suggest you get at least one :-)....some bikes have mounting points to mount the cage directly, but if it does not some cheaper cages come with a strap to mount them on any bike, I think Dicks sporting goods had some cheaper bottles I bought to use in my existing cages that had a mounting system like that.

Just starting out the 10 miles might take you over an hour, and having some water on board will be good then :-).
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In addition to all of the good advice posted....know that the energy from the other riders, volunteers and crowd helps a lot too. Usually at charity rides, there are lots of volunteers along the way cheering and thanking riders. You will probably find a lot of riders in the 10 mile group similar to you...folks on all kinds of bikes out for a day of fun and a good cause. If you can ride with a few of them, the 10 miles will go by very quickly! Have fun, and congratulations!
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First of all, it is not a race. Folks (you included) are out there supporting a great cause, so just go out and enjoy yourself.
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