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snow_echo_NY 05-08-15 02:49 PM

need advice for strapless toe clips
i'm not getting a clipless set up this much i know -

but i do like foot retention in my toe clips with straps. they're pretty much toe gates. they're terribly floppy now since i got them 4 years ago, so less responsive than what i would like.

i just got chrome kursks shoes and wow what a difference from my running trainers. they're stiff/responsive and they're comfortable.

so talk to me about stiff toe clips that are strapless ( i don't like having to tighten them, and never do, i leave them super loose ) - what have you tried and liked? what do you use (if you use this set up)? thanks for all the thoughts in advance...

fietsbob 05-08-15 04:02 PM

Maybe you would like the2" wide 2 strap velcro adjustable things for big Platform pedals tht the fixie set have .

the other thing is half toe clips they are like a Hook, if upside down, but come back to let the toes only slide so far forward on the pedals when Upright.

Before the Clipless pedal thing took over Cyclocross racers used a double toe clip actually 2 layers of spring tempered steel
To stay Open, and spring back even if you stepped on top of them .

ratell 05-08-15 04:06 PM

I've used the plastic half clips : Zefal "Cristophe" Mountain Bicycle Half Toe Clip : Mini Toe Clips : Sports & Outdoors

and the metal mks ones
MKS Half Toe Clip Deep Section - with Leather | Evans Cycles

I find no functional difference. The metal ones look better and cost more.

jimmie65 05-08-15 05:45 PM

I've got the Zefal toe clips as well and like them. Before that, I just pulled the straps out of my full toe clips and used them that way.
I have the velcro straps on a beater, but they're not great for long rides.

downwinded 05-08-15 05:58 PM

I have some of the plastic half-clips and really like them. You may need to adjust the mounting so that the ball of your foot is over the pedal spindle.

blakcloud 05-08-15 06:52 PM

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I have two pair of Bruce Gordon half clips. Expensive but beautiful craftsmanship. I also own the White Industries Pedals and these are the best pedals I have ever owned for commuting.

snow_echo_NY 05-11-15 02:28 PM

thank you all for your replies. i'll see if i can obtain them locally and try them out

PaulRivers 05-11-15 04:08 PM

If you buy a shoe specifically made for cycling, like the Chrome Kursk, you shouldn't need straps for clips at all. Get a pair of pedals with pins, like here's one suggestion:

Specialized Bennies
Specialized Bicycle Components$Hero$

And your feet should grip to the pedal almost as much as clipless.

It's an fyi, ride whatever you like of course, want to mention it though.

BicycleNutsy701 05-30-15 07:35 PM

I use Delta plastic half-clips on my off-road and commuter bikes. I recently switched from Deltas to strapped on my road bike, and the Deltas were functionally about the same as strapped clips with loose straps. One warning, Deltas (and I would guess, other half-clips) don't work as well with shoes that have a tall toe box. You probably want to avoid combining half-clips with mesh tennis shoes that have a plastic 'bumper' around the toe box. Besides that, they work great!

wphamilton 05-30-15 08:03 PM

I have these Avenir Mini Toe Clips Universal Black and I'm satisfied since I only expect them to keep my foot centered. Plastic ones like this aren't really stiff though. The Velo Orange Chrome Half Clips (on my wife's bike) are stiffer, and reportedly comfortable.

snow_echo_NY 06-16-15 06:28 AM

so i got the velo orange chrome half clips and i like them for keeping my foot in place, but they're a little less responsive when pulling up that i noticed (they bend somewhat when i'm pulling up on it in force), also they're too deep for my small foot (women's 7.5, men's 6.5)

i know it's a long shot, but has anyone modified these toe clips to be shorter/smaller? success or fail? i will start googling as well...

noglider 06-16-15 01:58 PM

I think it would be hard to bend them to be shorter. Maybe you should use the type of toe clip intended for straps and just not use straps. Or use straps and keep them loose. I rarely tighten my straps.

downwinded 06-16-15 05:10 PM

Seems like I've seen them advertised as small, med and large. Can't remember where though.

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