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Bikeforumuser0019 07-27-15 09:04 AM

How much time per day are you in the saddle?
Hi everyone.

Occasional bike commuter here looking to do more in time. I work two jobs, and have yet to ride on a day when I must be at both jobs. I think I could make the actual ride... the logistics of it are more challenging than I expected.

When you're commuting on bike to work, how much time per day do you spend riding? I think if I make it up to 90% commuting by bike (including appointments after work, etc). I might be averaging riding for 2.5 hours a day, some days more, some less. Does that seem very unreasonable or pretty average?


tarwheel 07-27-15 09:23 AM

I end up with nearly 2.5 hours of saddle time on many days that I bike commute. My bike computer only counts the time that my bike is moving, which is about 2:00 to 2:10 most days. However, if you count the time that I spend sitting at traffic lights, it comes closer to 2:20-2:30. Some days I take a longer route home and end up with about 3:00 hours of riding time.

Whether that is reasonable for you depends on your fitness, the weather and how much free time that you have. I get up at 5 am on weekdays to allow enough time for commuting in the morning and don't get home from work until about 6:30 pm. It makes for a long day, but I don't have to worry about going to the gym or exercising after I get home.

bmthom.gis 07-27-15 09:24 AM

Somewhere between an hour and a half and an hour and forty five minutes. Recreation rides are more like 2-3 hours. Lately it has been not very much time though. Fall can't happen soon enough down here!!

ThermionicScott 07-27-15 10:03 AM

About 25 minutes each way, so 50 min total. That's often not enough, so I'll either take a detour through some of my favorite hills, or go on a separate ride after I get home.

1nterceptor 07-27-15 10:10 AM

My commute one way is 1.5 hours or 3 hours round trip.
Sometimes if I'm running late in the morning; I would
take my bike on the train/bus. Cutting my commute time
in half.

MMACH 5 07-27-15 10:22 AM

I'm at two-hours each way. That's kind of a lot, so I do it every other day. I drive on Tues & Thurs.

Ky_Rider 07-27-15 10:28 AM

About 1.5 hours each way. I only ride one way each day though. 3 hours a day was just too much for me. I alternate with my motorcycle.

robert schlatte 07-27-15 10:40 AM

My commute is one half hour each way. it is not so long so i am able to do it every day 12 mos a year, rain, shine, snow, sleet, hail, etc. I also do 40 to 60 mile training rides on the weekend as well as occasional bike tours when I get the time.

tdreyer1 07-27-15 10:43 AM

Not much, tbh. Anywhere from 30m to a couple hours depending on how far I decide to go out of my way after work.

kickstart 07-27-15 10:48 AM

An hour and ten to twenty minutes a day for my 16.8 mile round trip commute. Recreational time on the weekend can be anywhere between one and ten hours. A total average per week is probably around twelve hours.

GovernorSilver 07-27-15 11:21 AM

Takes me about 1hr 15 min to 1.5 hrs each way, depending on route choices and traffic conditions, esp. the timing of the lights. Before I started commuting by bike, my morning routine was exercise for about 35-45 min. then take the Metro to work (about 40-45 min. ride depending on timing of train transfer and unexpected events like a sick rider) . Thus the exercise routine + Metro ride would take about the same amount of time compared to riding my bike to work. I still like to do a strength training workout for my upper body and core 3x a week, so I commute on the "off days".

Bikeforumuser0019 07-27-15 12:27 PM

This helps provide me some perspective. Thanks!

Ideally, I'll be pushing myself hard for a while because I need to loose some weight. After that's done and I'm just doing maintenance on the weight, I think I will feel a little less pressure to get everywhere by bike regardless of the weather, time involved, etc. But actually, so far, I've really enjoyed the long bikerides. I always appreciate having "space" for thinking in between other obligations.

ItsJustMe 07-27-15 01:02 PM

1.5 hours currently. Next year it's looking like it's going to be about 3 hours a day. I'm only going in to work 3 days a week, telecommuting the other 2. At 1.5 hours a day I'd prefer to ride every day but I couldn't afford the time at 3 hours a day, and the deal was I had to start telecommuting now if I wanted to do it next year. I guess it won't be bad in the winter either.

Darth Lefty 07-27-15 01:12 PM

I get a lot of variation depending on whether I pick the quickest route, quickest bike, and how I feel. Best-case my ride in is <30 min and my ride home is <35. Typically it's more like 35 and 40 minutes. On a bad-feeling day or if I mountain bike it might take an hour home. Home takes longer because it's uphill and I typically don't feel as well in the afternoon as in the morning. You can check my numbers, I'm in the BF Commuter group on Strava.

GovernorSilver 07-27-15 02:43 PM

In my case, it helps that I enjoy riding a bike much more than taking the Metro, and even more than driving to work. Thus, commuting by bike doesn't feel like a chore or exercise routine at all.

When I first started, I read about various complaints/horror stories about bad behavior from other cyclists, motorists, bus drivers, etc. but they don't bother me as much as I thought they would - one exception being the bus that came up behind me fast and blaring its horn repeatedly. Even counting that last experience, I still much prefer commute by bike over the other two modes of transportation.

gaucho777 07-27-15 02:59 PM

2.5 hours seems like a lot to me.

My daily commute is about 25 minutes of saddle time each way (~7.5 miles) or about 30 minutes total dealing with locks, etc. (also have a kids trail-a-bike part of the way, which I lock up at my daughter's school on the way).

Wittyname 07-27-15 03:41 PM

40-45 mins each way if I take the most direct route, depending on which lights I catch. I frequently extend the ride home to about 90 mins, would do longer but I have to pick up my son by a certain time or the sitter yells at me :lol:

BobbyG 07-27-15 03:51 PM

It takes me 40-45 to work and 45-50 from work on the bike. Driving takes 20 to 25 minutes each way so I'm spending an extra 45 minutes a day commuting on the bike but getting twice that time in exercise.

gregf83 07-27-15 04:30 PM

During the week I basically ride for 1 hr 5min every 12 hrs.

wolfchild 07-27-15 05:28 PM

On most days it's around 40-60 minutes each way. My ride is shorter in the morning then in the afternoon. Less traffic in the morning allows me to run a lot of red lights and stops. In the afternoon I often run errands and do some grocery shopping on my way from work, it adds extra time to my commute. Many years ago before I became car-free I used to work at two different jobs. I would bike commute to one job then come home and drive my car to my other job.

a1penguin 07-27-15 11:16 PM

16 mile commute, about an hour, perhaps 1:05 wall clock time. I am now biking to work four days a week. But the weather is nice :-)

DTG 07-28-15 01:30 AM

Half an hour most each way, so a hour total. I can normally do it 20-25 but figured to round up due to traffic stops.

rmfnla 07-28-15 10:54 AM

My daily commute is about 7 miles round trip so at 15 minutes there and 20 - 25 minutes back I'm only in the saddle 30 - 40 minutes a day...

mconlonx 07-28-15 11:09 AM

2hrs each day I do the full commute, up to 3 days/week... but usually less.
in: 25 min to a meeting, 20 min to the bus station, 15 min to work
out: 15 min to bus station, 45 minutes home.

When I drive to the bus station, 30 min: 15 min to work, 15 min to bus station.

Marcus_Ti 07-28-15 11:10 AM

As little as 40 minutes round trip...or as much as 2-3 hours depending on how many miles I feel like riding before/after work.

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