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Inkwolf 06-26-02 05:56 PM

Your commuting kit!
So, what do you all regularly keep with you when you commute?

I have a Park Tool bag under the seat, and in the panniers I keep my Cateye light and Vistalight flasher (when it isn't dark) a pump, a spare tube, a Quick Stik, my lock, a rain jacket wadded up in a little bag, a pair of dry socks in a ziplock baggie, my state trail pass, extra batteries for the lights, a granola bar, the little plastic carrying case for my Third Eye mirror, and two reflective arm/leg bands which I've never used yet.

How about you? Are you daringly free of baggage, or an ever-prepared Boy Scout laboring under a packload of emergency supplies?

LittleBigMan 06-26-02 06:09 PM

I think I more closely resemble one of those guys you see downtown carrying huge plastic bags on their bicycle.

Seriously, I carry too much extra stuff without regard for the added weight, like my Kryptonite U-lock, which I never seem to use unless I stop at the grocery store (I take my bike inside otherwise.) I guess I'm like a pack-rat who carries things "just in case." I really need to slim it down a bit.

All I really need is a change of clothes for work and my afternoon ride, a bit of food and drink, money, and my train pass for emergencies. Oh, yeah: my extra tube and patch kit, allen wrench and screwdriver.

Did I leave something out???

:confused: ties, baseball cap, keys, extra plastic bags...

Rich Clark 06-26-02 06:34 PM

In the rack trunk, which moves between bikes:

-Leatherman (because I have one anyway)
-Chain tool
-Allen wrenches
-Tire irons
-Patch kit

-Bulb (for my one-lamp NightRider)
-Tube (wrapped in a sock I can use to wipe grease off my hands)

-Cell Phone
-Glasses case for whichever pair I'm not wearing
-Reflective triangle and blinkie (worn around the waist, hanging down at butt-level, after dark
-Arm, leg warmers; ear covers (in changeable weather)
-Cable lock
-a couple of plastic supermarket bags, some rubber bands, some galvanized wire, and a little roll of gaffer tape in a little bundle. These are all-purpose emergency tools.

In the pannier that lives on the rain bike: rain jacket and pants, some more plastic bags and rubber bands. (This stays home in warm weather.)

I haven't quite worked my new Arkel Briefcase into the mix yet. I may just go with the briefcase plus a small underseat bag on the Airborne, and leave the trunk on the Novara all the time. I haven't quite gotten my head around having the ability to cycle with my laptop yet.


Richard D 06-27-02 03:41 AM

On the bike there's a 2lb U-lock (why I don't just leave it at work is a good question... :) ), water bottle, lights (less in summer but at least one of each), a pump, and a bell with built in compass.

In a small seatpost bag, I've a basic multi-tool with Allen keys and screwdrivers, a Leatherman copy, basic first aid kit, couple of 20p pieces for phone calls, a couple of zip ties, a couple of cable ties, a few self-adhesive patches, 3 tyre levers ... must get round to replacing the chain tool.

In my pannier I've two bungee cords, a few latex gloves, a few pens and assorted rubbish that needs chucking out. On commutes it carrys a shirt and underwear and normally a book or magazine.


chewa 06-27-02 06:24 AM

Pump, multi tool, adjustable spanner (wrench), spare rechargeables (if it's dark) 2 tubes, folding tyre.

Keep the lock at work

Loaded_Volpe 06-27-02 07:24 AM

Rich Clark,

How do you like that Arkel Briefcase? I've got the Utility Bag Pannier on my Bianchi Volpe and I plan to use it for lugging week's worth of clothes to work on Monday.

Otherwise I planned to use just the rack trunk to carry necessities and my lunch etc. the other days of the week. The briefcase looks cool but I'd rather stick with the rack trunk during the week if I can. I don't have need of laptop transportation (yet), but if the need should arise, I imagine the Arkel briefcase becomes necessary.

How do you like the briefcase fit? I know it has a different profile than the UBP, but Arkel says it will fit my Volpe since the UBP fits just fine.


Rich Clark 06-27-02 07:37 AM

Originally posted by Loaded_Volpe
Rich Clark,

How do you like that Arkel Briefcase? [snip]

How do you like the briefcase fit?

On my Airborne I have to move the briefcase as far back as I can get it on my Topeak rack, for heel clearance, but then there's plenty. The Airborne has 43.5cm chainstays, I run 170mm cranks with size 44 shoes.

I'd suggest making a template.

Also, the briefcase extends above the top of the rack. This can be an issue with some rack trunks that are wider than the rack.

The only other issue is weight. It's not just heavy for a pannier, it's heavy for a briefcase.

But it's very well-made and very well laid out.


PaulH 06-27-02 08:05 AM

I travel really light -- but then, my commute is only a 10 mile urban round trip. I carry my raingear if there is a forecast of rain, one bungee, one u-lock, and cab fare in case of a flat.


MichaelW 06-27-02 01:58 PM

I have a lot of short trips to do, just a couple of miles each, but carry a single Carradice super-C panier pretty much all the time.
My U-lock goes on top of the rack, under a bunjo chord (useful for unexpected big loads as well). In my bag there are usually a set of waterproofs, pump, repair /first-aid kit, spare blinkie, extra insulation (I ride all year round). My bike has lights fixed on, but the waterbottle battery comes off when I park.

Also carry a supply of plastic bags and zip tie.

The large bag is useful when I stop off at the shops. I only take both bags on the weekly shop.

Im trying to determine the true weight of my commuting rig, inc all carry items.

hosehead 06-27-02 02:25 PM

+Flashing Red Tail Light
+Patch kit and/or tube
+U-Lock & Kryptonite cable for the rear wheel if I'm riding my good bike, coil cable lock if I'm riding my commuter.
+Hex keys
+Small screwdriver kit
+Presta/Schraeder adapter
+Extra shirt in case the weather changes (I usually don't carry this in the summer)
+Reflective velcro strap so that my pants don't get snagged on the chainwheel

I carry all of this in my backpack. None of these things really weigh a whole lot, especially compared with the weight of the books that I often haul around. Maybe I should invest in a rack and some bags....Naah.

It doesn't really rain here, so a rain jacket is rather pointless.

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