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when did you last ride your backup bike?

Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

when did you last ride your backup bike?

Old 08-21-16, 08:46 PM
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when did you last ride your backup bike?

mine was definitely not ready to go

after seemingly hours of prep, just as I was leaving the house to drive to the office and leave the car, I noticed a broken spoke. after a lot of hard thinking & hoping for a miracle, I left the rear wheel at a shop & prepped the backup bike. oops it took all day & even on the ride late this afternoon, I had to stop to work on something as well. ugh, should be fine for the ride in tomorrow morning, tho

EDIT - ummm ... no, still had to stop twice cuz the rack kept sliding down and locking up the rear caliper. I would eventually make the roadside fix to get me thru the ride, but it was annoying. I'll make the necessary perm fix then hang it back up cuz I got my wheel back for bike #1

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alan s 
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Don't have a backup bike. All of them are primary.
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Old 08-21-16, 10:33 PM
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That's the kind of question my wife asks.

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Old 08-22-16, 03:35 AM
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I own 3 bikes, keep them well maintained and they all get ridden regularly. I don't own a back up bike.
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Old 08-22-16, 04:01 AM
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I always have a bike ready for visitors, but I use that one myself too. Depens on the purpose and the safety of parking it if I choose that one.
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Old 08-22-16, 04:37 AM
Jim from Boston
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when did you last ride your backup bike?

Funny you should ask, @rr6, because just this Saturday I wrote about the experience on the Northeast Regional Discussion Metro Boston thread, which I know you know well.

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
Anyways, as a follow-up to a post I wrote on Friday, August 5 [about Metro Boston Routes],
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
... In particular though, I’m going to an afternoon pig roast in Sherborn tomorrow, intending to ride my bike. What’s notable though, is that rain is forecast, and I never ride my pristine carbon fiber bike in the rain, nor do I ride my heavy beater mountain bike on a long(er) pleasant/training ride. However, tomorrow AM, I’m going to pick up my new aluminum road bike, that I just bought to be my rain beater from about March until December, when the studded tires go on the mountain bike.

It'll be just my luck that tomorrow will be a beautiful day, and I'll succumb to the lure of carbon fiber. ...
Well it just so happened that I was stuck in Norwood with the CF Road and my heavy mountain bike that morning. With the near certain prediction of rain, I rode the MB via Dover Center, Farm Street, Forest and Goulding to Sherborn on a hot humid afternoon.

That ride, estimated at a little over an hour on CF, took about one-half hour longer with the heavy bike and hot weather. I ate well though did not “pig out” at the barbecue, and decided instead of riding back to Boston, I would ride to Needham and take the 4:08 PM Commuter Rail to Boston, with plenty of time for the Saturday Night soiree with my wife.

I left the party at about 3:15, with just enough time to get to Needham if by Carbon Fiber (via Rte 16 and Charles River St). However, by 4:00 on Charles River St I obviously would be late. In fact at about two miles from Needham, I had to pull off the road with presumably heat exhaustion, rest for about 20 minutes and ask some people for cold water, to plod on to Needham to get the 6:08 train. And it never rained that whole time.

Last week I did go to pick up the new, lighter and quality beater bike, but the seatpost was too short…

Finally, today I’m going to get the new seatpost, and that heavy MB will go into storage until it’s time for studded tires this December, and my only riding for three months this winter will be the minimal 14 mile commute...

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Almost rode it yesterday, but it's a little heavy. I will ride my old roadbike to work once or twice a month, but I ride it more on the weekends. I put studded snow tires on my MTB based commuter and rode that all winter. I put smoothies back on in April and rode it to work two or three times since then. It's heavy, but stable and really comfortable.

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Old 08-22-16, 07:06 AM
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I have a road/summer bike and a hybrid/winter/foul weather bike (Giant Seek 0, hydraulic discs, IGH).

I'm getting ready for a company move in 2-3 weeks, where I'll be riding into an area I have not been before, with worse traffic and a gravel road and a greenway. I'm using my hybrid now in preparation. I feel more comfortable in unfamiliar situations on an upright bike. There have been two bicyclist fatalities within a couple of miles of the new place in the last few years. I want to have my head on a swivel until I'm comfortable with the area.

Also the rear light mounts on the road bike rack fractured and fell off a few months ago, so it doesn't have the mounts for the DesignShine taillight. Another reason to use the upright in the new area.
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Steely Dan
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i don't really have a dedicated back-up bike.

my stable: a dedicated commuter bike, a dedicated winter beast (with studded tires), a fold-up bike, and a lean and mean road bike.

99% of the time for commuting, i'm either on my commuter bike or my winter beast depending on the weather. the last time i commuted on a bike other than those two was several months ago when i rode my folding bike into work because my wife was picking me up at my office after work with our car to go to a friend's house out in the burbs, a folding bike is the perfect tool for that particular mission.

in the past when i had a much longer commute, i most often commuted on my road bike because it's so fast and fun, but now that my commute is only a paltry 5 miles, my titanium road bike just seems like overkill for that kind of distance. however it is always ready to go in an emergency if my regular commuter is out of commission.

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Old 08-22-16, 10:05 AM
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On Saturday my prime road bike had a tire cut so I rode my backup road bike... usually used in foul weather or bad pavement. My commute bike is almost bomb-proof... but I have ridden my backup road bike to work a few times just because.
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Old 08-22-16, 11:00 AM
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Don't have a backup bike.

I have a crosscheck, which is my commuting & road-riding bike.

And I have a hardtail, which is my trail-riding bike.

A few months ago I woke up to a flat tire on the crosscheck, but I just took the time to patch it before riding in, cost me probably half an hour. My work schedule is pretty flexible, just make up the time later.

I suppose it's conceivable that for some reason my crosscheck would be unrideable and I"d have to ride the hardtail to work, or the son's or the wife's road bike, but it hasn't happened yet. A few times I rode the hardtail because I planned a lunchtime or post-work trail ride, but I wouldn't consider that 'backup'.
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rode the BU unit (1992 Allez Epic) yesterday...roads were wet and rain was possible.

had just detailed the primary bike and didn't feel like getting it dirty.

had kinda forgotten how solid DA 7402 stuff is...
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Old 08-22-16, 11:34 AM
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I've only ridden my primary commuter once in the last two months. With all the sunny weather I've been riding my road bikes. I guess this is a quirk of living in the PNW. Most people seem to consider their rain bike as a back-up bike, but since it rains most of the year here I think of the rain bike as my primary. More to the point of the OP, none of my "backup" bikes currently have fenders mounted, so that's probably something I should take care of before the rain returns.
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Old 08-22-16, 12:58 PM
Giant Doofus 
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Originally Posted by Stadjer View Post
I always have a bike ready for visitors, but I use that one myself too. Depends on the purpose and the safety of parking it if I choose that one.
I could have written this word-for-word. This is precisely how I use my 23-year old hybrid. I keep it in good shape and ride it myself probably three times a month. I always have it available for visitors or, more likely, friends who are thinking about the possibility of taking up riding for transportation purposes but don't have a functioning bike (or maybe they have a road bike, but nothing that would take racks and fenders). It's a nice way to let someone try it out before buying one of their own. In the past, I've lent out the bike and maybe a pannier, lock, and water bottle for week or two.
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Old 08-22-16, 01:44 PM
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I purchased my "back-up" bike, used, from a bike rental company about ten years ago for $100. I called it my "beater" or the "sacrificial bike". If I had to lock a bike up long term, like jury duty, medical appointment, museum or zoo visit, etc...I took the back-up as it is the only bike I could really afford to lose. This was it's purpose.

So back then I had 5 bikes of replacement value of $7000, $3000, $2500, $500 travel folding bike, and the beater at $100 (plus a few needed parts). Now, ten years later, the hindsight is pretty hilarious. I used the beater 95% of the time. Sold the $7000 bike, and dust the rest occasionally.

I guess now my backup bikes are the expensive ones and I have not actually ridden one in over 6 months, perhaps this whole year. Funny, huh?
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Last week when it was wet and raining. But I haven't been on my 2nd degree backup bike since winter.
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I can't remember the last time I rode a backup bike, so I guess it's been a few months. My own definition of a backup bike is one that is less than ideal for the ride I'm about to take.
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I did a century ride a week ago. And my riding companion sent me an late Saturday afternoon, the night before the ride asking if I could bring him a bike. The best bike for it had been setting since spring, and needed a new cassette, a good tune-up, and also a new chain. I also built a tow hitch for it so I could tow a bike without a trailer. Got it all together, then a brief sleep before an early morning century ride (which was fun).

So, now the spare bike has been out a few times, and has gotten towing duty. Plus, I didn't want to lock my CF Colnago in front of a movie theater, so the spare went out a last Saturday too.
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What happened?
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One or two are always in some stage of work so all three are backups.
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Don't really have a back up bike. They are all currently in good riding condition. Been off work for the past month, so there was no need to ride the commuter bikes, which are cross bikes with fenders. It's been so dry that there's been no need to use them. I ride mostly my aluminum road bike, which also has fenders, but it's got 25 mm tires.
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Papa Tom
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I went away with my wife this weekend and, knowing that we'd be parking our bikes away from us at an outdoor festival, I brought my beater.

I sort of stopped working on this bike last year, before I was able to get more than a couple of gears out of it, so I knew what I was in for. The bottom line, though, is that I had a lot of fun riding such a stripped down, basic bike, as all the bells and whistles stayed on my regular bike for the weekend. All I had was a spare tire, a tire lever, and a small frame pump. Anything other than a flat would have grounded me.

I actually look forward to riding this bike again.
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My backup bike is the car. I refuse to use my recreational bike for commuting.
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really enjoying these shares
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I have four bikes to choose from (road, cross, hardtail 29er, or full suspension) depending on my route. None of them i would consider backup bikes. I switch up my route and bike frequently to keep the commute interesting.
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no motor?
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n=1 here, so I can't really answer that question beyond saying I rode today.
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