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Commuting helmet


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Oh, and how cold does it get?

Snowboard helmets give full coverage over the head. However, they are HOT!!! I had hoped that one might be good for rain, but maybe only for ice and snow.
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Originally Posted by Rice Wash View Post
I've seen integrated light helmets before and I love the concept. Sadly all the ad copy lacks information beyond, "Yep, it's a light". Can you tell me anything about it? How bright is it? How is it powered?
Hard for me to describe how bright it is. It's pretty damned bright. It has four little LEDs positioned in a square pattern on the board and a 2032 button battery that slips into a little clip on the reverse side. You simply push on the lens once for steady or twice for flash and a third time to turn it off. Push the whole thing out from the inside to replace the battery. It's water resistant (I ride rain or shine) and comes apart with a tiny phillips head screwdriver. I use it about an hour a day (blinky mode), five days a week maybe six, and the battery lasts about two months - give or take.

I use my helmets for a few years then replace. The Centro has been great and if it's still around I might just get another. That is if I don't go for something like the new Abus Hyban...

I like the looks of the Hyban. The Pedelec is pretty cool too.


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Thank you Kedesto. Although it turns out the information is a negative in my view, it's nice to have it. The Hyban does the same thing, so if you do get one I would love it if you gave a similar rundown of the light on that.
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Selecting a suitable helmet is always a challenge. Top Mountain Bikes, Helmets and Clothing Review | Best Adviser . They provide a nice top of the helmets, so you can try to find something there. Probably Gonex Wind will fit you the most, but it costs around $100 and it's too expensive for me I was using Lixada, but for autumn I am not sure it is the best choice.
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Based on a suggestion from wphamilton (who posts above) as an all weather commuter, I use a helmet with a visor (onto which I bold prescription myopia lenses) which is, in addition to its benefits in correcting my myopia, great for use in the rain because
1) The rain is kept off my brow and face and does not run into my eyes - it is like having a windscreen.
2) The rain that forms drips on my visor is at a distance from my eyes that is less of a sight-impediment compared to drips that from on spectacles and sunglasses.

Additionally, rather than having large gaping holes, the helmet also has a insect proof metal mesh which prevents not only insects (of which there are not a few where I cycle) and water from reaching my head most of the time.

The helmet is very thick, having two layers of protection (plastic stuff, mesh, more plastic stuff). One could remove a layer perhaps like Wphamiliton but I find it to be quite aero due to the combination of the mesh and the visor perhaps, and I don't seem to mind the weight even though I mount two LED lights upon it: a white one pointing forwards and a red light pointing aft. Unfortunately the high visibility yellow version that I have is no longer produced but I have covered it in yellow reflective stickers anyway, and a white one is still available.

Commuting Helmet by Timothy Takemoto, on Flickr

The helmet is about 40USD from aliexpress (no affiliation)
I use the yellow visor which improves contrast and make it feel like it is sunny all the time, even when it is raining.

And this seller below sells it with the yellow visor in the one visor option (I think I got mine from the seller above) at about 35 USD.

It also comes in a large 57cm to 62cm size which is important to me. I can't buy hats in Japan since they are normally up to 59cm whereas my head is 61cm.

I highly recommend this helmet especially, and helmets with visors, to all-weather commuters.

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In the context of a court case, some helmets sold on AliExpress, portrayed as made to highest standards, were tested and found to provide marginal protection:

In parallel, you can get a helmet with highest rating in the best safety testing to date for about $70 at dealers
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Originally Posted by DrIsotope View Post
I'll throw out a recommendation for a Bollé The One. Snap in aero covers (or rain covers, I reckon) removable visor, blinky taillight (also removable) summer and winter liners, it is genuinely like 5 helmets in one. I love mine.
+1 for the Bolle "The One" - the snap in covers and multi-season liners give me 4 season versatility.

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