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How long have you been riding your main commuter?

Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

How long have you been riding your main commuter?

Old 10-14-16, 09:05 AM
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16 years on my commuting bike, 12 years commuting, but it's kind of like George Washington's ax. Third rear wheel, second front wheel, second frame, third fork, third handlebars, second seatpost, third brifters, etc. The brakes and front fork are still original though!
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This bike wasn't always my main commuter in the 5 years since putting it together, but it settled into that role as the rack and fenders and low-maintenance aspects made it easy to grab and go every day. My brother gave it to me, and the only original parts are the frame/fork, stem, seatpost, front wheel, and rear rim. I went through a handful of cranksets and handlebars before settling on what you see now.

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6 years on a torker graduate, I think at times I would like to have the newer model with disk brakes, but I think this bike is going to last decades, and I cant bring myself to walk away from the dynohub.

Replaced the rear 5 speed at about 1,500, and have put about 4,500 on it since trouble free. About a chain a year. It has looked like this for 4 years now.
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About 5 years on a Marin 4 Corners. I love the fit of it. A lot. Upright, but not TOO upright...comfortable on hoods and in drops. Favorite thing is probably the Tektro brake levers...I've tried some skinnier more aero race oriented hoods and they just did not feel good. These are big, fat, and beefy.

I need to do something about the saddle though. It just sort of occurred to me after thousands of miles this is one of the more uncomfortable saddles I've been on in a while.

OOOh I may have just figured out how to post pictures here:

[IMG]print screen windows 7[/IMG]

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I should clarify my post yesterday. I said 42 years but that all parts had changed at least 4 times. That 4 times was the frame. Frame # 4 went 20 years and 27,000 miles (and several hard for both of us crashes). Final crash I walked away from unhurt but I shortened the wheelbase most of a foot and decided (at first glance) that the bike had done its job. Two replacement forks went into the bike.

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My commuter since 4 years ago. 24000kms on it and only replaced brake pads, 2 chains, 1 tire (cut, not worn out) and a rim tacoed when hit (lightly) by a car.

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Current main commuter - 1yr
Last main commuter - 4yrs. I cracked the frame at the BB/downtube weld
The one before that - 2yrs. Had some annoying mechanicals and was tired dealing with it.

The current main commuter is a Surly Steamroller and so I am expecting it to last several years.
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Been riding mine 2 years now, in 3 different states. Bought it in AZ, put 930 miles (ish) on it before I put the cyclocomputer. Moved to AK shortly after, work went from 8 miles away to 1.8 ish miles. Only put 300ish miles on it there before we moved to Seattle, work is 15.5 miles away now, and I'm having fun experimenting with tires
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Steve B.
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I use 2 different bikes depending on whether I leave the car at work and ride home/in, then I use the Soma Smoothie with 28mm tires. A big rear saddle bag to carry essentials, this is my go fast/lighter commuter. It's a nice bike have been ridding it 7 years.

The other is a 1998 Miyata City Liner I purchased as a frame from American Cyclery in San Fran., so 18 seasons on this bike. It was a series of factory warranty frames Miyata USA had in storage after they pulled out of the US and sold to AC. Lugged steel and a great riding bike, I think I put 40 psi in the front tire as the pepperoni fork is stiff as sin, designed for a front load. This bike went around Colorado on the '99 Bike Tour of Colorado and is the bike I established the fit for all my current road bikes. Parts are different then the photo as I'm always tinkering, has bar-cons again and the Brooks saddle is gone.
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Since around 2011 my main commuter has been a Nashbar frame road bike. There is nothing special about it, aluminum frame, 8-speed with Sora and Claris components, sometimes rack and fenders and usually not. Vuelta Corsa Pro wheels, which are decent weight, strong and relatively inexpensive. The configuration is reliable and durable, cheap to maintain, and I can take it for fast road rides, longer training rides, and fast commutes when I want to.

In deference to more traditional concerns I also have a steel bike with a rack, fenders, permanent lights, many spokes, and so on. Sometimes you just need all that stuff, but not necessarily on the same bike. I prefer to always have two bikes that collectively comprise my "commuter bike".
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Moe Zhoost
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Been riding my current commuter for close to five years. 45 year old Raleigh Super Course upgraded with drum brake wheels - 5 speed IGH in back and dyno hub in front.

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My bike

I bought the frame fall of 2012 (so 4 years ago), built it up with parts from a donor bike, and within 6mo or so replaced all the parts with mostly eBay stuff (and rebuilt the donor bike). Since then I've changed the tires and the seat, the pedals, and some chains&tubes. Soon to replace the cassette.

I'd like to send this bike off to college with my son in a couple years, and replace it with a Volagi Viaje 1x10, or a Ti Cross bike from BD.
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aka Tom Reingold
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Only a few months, because I'm a compulsive tinkerer and can't leave well enough alone. I've been riding my ~1995 Bianchi Volpe since 2012. Last year, I built up a 1974 Raleigh International as an all-purpose bike, and I find I like it better. Now it is stripped down and awaiting components for a rebuild. I'll probably sell the Bianchi eventually.
Tom Reingold, tom@noglider.com
New York City and High Falls, NY
Blogs: The Experienced Cyclist; noglider's ride blog

“When man invented the bicycle he reached the peak of his attainments.” — Elizabeth West, US author

Please email me rather than PM'ing me. Thanks.
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About 2.5 years on my present commuter. Strava says 5,771 miles so that seems about right. I started with a discarded (by my ex-non-girlfriend) Performance steel frame with aluminum fork and added parts I had in boxes in the garage.

Now it's an 8 Speed rear, single chain-ring front, 105 rear derailluer / Brifter, Synchros bar and stem, unidentified Taiwan seat-post, Delta seat-post mount rack with Topeak Mtn. rack trunk. I found a front wheel with hub dynamo (DT rim) on sale and rear wheel is actually an old Power-Tap hub (no Power-Tap mounted) with Mavic rim.

Sella Italia seat at the moment but that may change soon.

Rick / OCRR
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Wow some of you have been on your bike for a long time. Hope i can get there in the future. I am at about a year and a half on my bike. Its a hybrid Raleigh Misceo, found it on Craigslist when i was looking for a bike and it fit my budget. I thought if i really do enjoy this ill upgrade when i wear this one out. So far only gone through tires and a bottom bracket. Sill going and no signs of stopping .
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I bought my first road bike in September 2012. By April 2013 I had put 500 miles on it. Shortly thereafter I decided to start riding to work, and the bike now has over 11,000 miles on it. I've changed the bar stem, wheelset, entire drivetrain (cassette, chain, and most recently the crankset), and have been through several saddles. Replaced consumables like tires, tubes, brake pads, cables and housing, bar tape. Other than that, though, the original stuff is there.

So the answer is, 3.5 years for me. I still want to build up a dedicated commuter bike one day, with proper accommodations for racks and fenders. I use a rigged-up rack and clip-on fenders for my road bike currently.
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While my bike has hnoad many upgrades, some of my initial upgrades have been going strong since they were originally made 8+ years ago. Berthoud stainless steel fenders that were powder coated, Brooks saddle, tubus rack, ortlieb panniers. Some things just work and are extremely reliable - those are the type of things that I hope all of us can pass along to those interested in commuting or just starting out. I guess that's why I asked for the 5+ years criteria. Some things have passed the test of time.

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Bought my Crossrip in February of '15, started bike commuting in May of the same year. We're currently at 7,769.5 happy miles with only normal wear items replaced (brake pads, chain, cassette, tires, bar tape). 221 commutes in that time
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multimodal commuter
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I've had my current 'main commuter' bike for almost five years, but it's been my main commuter for only three or four of those. It's a Falcon frame from about 1970, now sporting a three speed hub, dynamo lights (always on), fenders... nothing high tech.
I put new leather on ruined saddles like Brooks, etc. You can reach me by private message.
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I've been on my Cross Check for 3 years now, been car-free commuting for 4 years. Ready to give up the Cross Check in favor of a disc brake road setup.
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I only have the one bike which is a vita specialized. The bike is a hybrid and I have been commuting on it since 2/2011. When I bought it I loved it and still do!
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25 years on a 1988 Cannondale ST700. I have tried numerous other bikes but none compare to this one. If something were to happen to this one, I would find another one to replace it.

This is a picture of the halfway point of my old commute before I moved.
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The Flying Scot
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The Colin Laing 531c frame on the bike I commute on was made for me in 1985, so now 31 years old.

Only the frame and seatpost are original ( and my Blackburn rack pre-dates both). I have had lots of freewheels/cassettes (at one point I changed the cassette/chain every winter and chainrings every two years). Brake pads during winter every 6 weeks, rims every year (I build my own wheels). It's had two sets of bars and stem, is on its third set of ergos (only changed to them from Campag DT 15 years ago), no idea how many BBs, tyres etc. Had (I think) five chainsets, wear and tear over the years, lots of pedals, though SPDS for years now.

originally the mechs were SR front/ Huret Duopar rear, but I've been full Campag (Shimergo) for about 18 years. The front Veloce mech has never changed, the rear has - two Veloces and currently a Xenon, really just to match with the ergos as they wore out (now refurbed and on other bikes)

Only had three saddles though, the current Brooks is looking good for another double decade! Hope hubs have about 18 years on so far and still doing fine. I've built loads of sets of wheels onto them though.

The frame has been sprayed twice - once by Bob Jackson 17 years ago, when I changed to 700c got canti bosses put on, and last year, locally.

Mileage? Given it was my commuter as well as touring, it must be well north of 100,000 miles as for about 16 years I was doing 5-6000 miles a year. For a period of 3 years it wasn't used for my commute, as I worked in London and used a Dahon Speed 6. Still did 50 or 60 miles at the weekend though

For the last few years I've been working at home and my commute was a 20 mile or so round trip for fun every day

It gets a break in the summer now as I use my Flying Scot or Cinelli from time to time.

I'm now back working in town (Edinburgh) so have a 16 mile each way commute which (due to other commitments) I'm using the bike for three days a week, using my VFR750 (Interceptor for the Americans!), the other days.

Only signs of wear are that the cable guides over the BB shell were severely notched and had to be ground smooth at last paint job, and the large notches in the original Blackburn rack caused by various pannier clips.

Other than that, my old friend and I continue to enjoy the miles (and the memories) together
plus je vois les hommes, plus j'admire les chiens

1985 Sandy Gilchrist-Colin Laing built 531c Audax/fast tourer.
1964 Flying Scot Continental (531)
1995 Cinelli Supercorsa (Columbus SLX)
1980s Holdsworth Mistral fixed (531)
2005 Dahon Speed 6 (folder)
2008 Viking Saratoga tandem
2008 Micmo Sirocco Hybrid (aluminium!)
2012 BTwin Rockrider 8.1

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I bought my main commuter, a Bob Jackson World Tour, about 7-1/2 years ago direct from England. I've ridden it more than 15,000 miles during that period, not all commuting. I also commute on all 6 of my bikes on occasion, but the BJ gets the most use because it's so practical for commuting.
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I've been on my LHT for 5 or 6 years. It's just so dialed in that I'm afraid to mess with a good thing.

Would love to move to a Soma Saga DC but I can't justify the expense and I don't have space to store it either.
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