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jay1117 10-21-18 04:04 PM

What kind of bike you use for commuting?
What kind of bike do you use for commuting?

wolfchild 10-21-18 04:44 PM

I have three different bikes that I use for commuting and all other types of riding.

Bike #1 A fixed gear road bike
Bike #2 A single speed MTB
Bike #3 A fixed gear 29'er MTB.

medic75 10-21-18 05:38 PM

Currently, a gravel / adventure bike.

I am looking for a winter commuter. I am considering a cheap Schwinn in a traditional commuter style because I can't let myself ride something really nice on salt covered roads.

old's'cool 10-21-18 06:50 PM

A commuting bike, silly.

alan s 10-21-18 06:59 PM

Papa Tom 10-21-18 08:17 PM

1996 GT Outpost mountain bike with 26" X 2.35" balloon tires, rear rack with Topeak trunk bag/pannier combination, daytime running lights on front and rear, Mirrycle side-view mirror.

Gresp15C 10-21-18 08:43 PM

Right now my main "grab and go" is a single speed hipster bike built up from a 1980s road frame. It's totally inappropriate, but I love riding it. If there's weather or cargo involved, including trips to the store, then it's another old bike, but with a big basket, fenders, and 3 speeds. As winter approaches, I'm looking for an old beater to take my studded tires for winter use.

If you're wondering what to get, my advice is first and foremost to get something that you will enjoy riding. A bike that can be equipped with typical commuter attachments (rack, fenders) is a bonus. Gearing depends on the actual terrain of your commute. It has to look good.

caloso 10-22-18 12:28 AM

Since there are roads between my house and my work, I ride a road bike. Lately it's been fixed.

acidfast7 10-22-18 03:56 AM

cheap FGSS.

5 years since I bought it. Just had to get a new wheelset as I was run over by a van :/

Notice no dropbars in the photo :D


acidfast7 10-22-18 04:19 AM

Originally Posted by wolfchild (Post 20626988)
I have three different bikes that I use for commuting and all other types of riding.

Bike #1 A fixed gear road bike
Bike #2 A single speed MTB
Bike #3 A fixed gear 29'er MTB.

These links don't work :(

aggiegrads 10-22-18 07:17 AM

Touring bike. Cyclocross bike (with slicks) when I want to feel fast.

mojojojo 10-22-18 07:54 AM

2015 Breezer Greenway hybrid/ commuter bike.

wphamilton 10-22-18 08:17 AM

1. SS/FG steel frame road bike loaded down with the commuter accessory goodies. It's nice for using as a workhorse and for bad weather.
2. Road bike, pretty generic with basic level Shimano bits, which I keep unencumbered from fenders etc.

Second Mouse 10-22-18 08:29 AM

Wilier Jareen. Still getting it sorted out.

well biked 10-22-18 08:56 AM

Currently, my commuter bikes are a Surly Straggler that is set up with a mtb drivetrain (but with bar end shifters), rear rack, and front porteur rack and porteur bag. I really like that front bag setup, it's well made and plenty big for any of my commuting needs; it's my favorite bag setup, for commuting, that I've ever used. The bike is really set up more for carrying lightish touring loads both on paved and dirt roads, and I do use it for that some, but it makes a great commuter also. The other bike is a steel singlespeed cx bike with full coverage fenders. I use a backpack when commuting on it.

pdlamb 10-22-18 09:53 AM

Touring bike. Outfitted with racks to hold panniers with clothing, lunch, etc., and a dyno lighting system (supplemented with one or two blinkies in case the dyno rear ever doesn't work). Elevated bars are a bit easier on my aging back, and the relaxed posture makes it easier to keep an eye on traffic, while I can still get in the drops for the nastier headwinds. Wider tires soak up nasty urban road surface and the extra tread depth reduces fl@ts (mustn't write that word again!). FWIW, my commute is ~10 miles one way.

Steely Dan 10-22-18 10:18 AM

everyday: a disc-brake CX bike with slicks, rack, and fenders

winter: an IGH/disc bake hybrid with studs, rack, and fenders

special ops: a 20" wheel SS folder

joelcool 10-22-18 10:19 AM
Road bike if the weather is decent (Pinarello K8) or a belt drive if it's crappy (Priority 8).

mcours2006 10-22-18 10:25 AM

This one...once in a while.

seamuis 10-22-18 10:52 AM

Singlespeed steel road bike conversion. 32mm tires, full fenders, porteur rack, porteur bars, velogical rim dynamo, son edelux II front light, knog battery rear light.

no motor? 10-22-18 10:53 AM

I have one bike, it makes the decisions easier. It's an old school steel hardtail former MTB with a bunch of commuter friendly additions.

Wolfhaven 10-22-18 01:59 PM

Varies but normally I've been using a Surly Disc Trucker with 45's for the long stretch of gravel. Some days I'll mix it up and ride my Surly ECR or my Giant Anyroad with 40's. Used my Anyroad today but the gravel is tough to see the good line down some bigger hills, even with a headlamp and a handlebar lamp. Back to the DT.

cyccommute 10-22-18 02:04 PM

One of those over to the left. The main 4 are these
DSCN0164 by Stuart Black, on Flickr
DSCN0165 by Stuart Black, on Flickr
DSCN0387 by Stuart Black, on Flickr
DSCN0947 by Stuart Black, on Flickr

The last one gets studded snow tires in the winter.

But I have also commuted on a dual suspension mountain bike, a fast road bike, and a touring bike. If it has wheels, I’ve commuted on it.

revcp 10-22-18 02:30 PM

After thinning the herd significantly over the last year, I am down to two bike. For most weather I commute with my 1985 Trek 720. In snow I commute with my 2016 Borealis Yampa.

Hatchet 10-22-18 08:13 PM

Currently I am mostly using this bike:

But have also commuted on:

I experimented with commuting on the fat bike last winter (my first for commuting) and wasn't happy with the way it handled, so this winter the Huffy and RockHopper are getting studded tires (two different types) to see how they handle the variable snow conditions I get here.

You can ride any kind of bike you want to for commuting - which ever one you like to ride the best is the one you should use. I currently prefer the Bianchi as it comfortable, absorbs road noise nicely and I can go (relatively) fast.


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