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Aircraftblues 05-24-20 08:17 AM

Seeking some help
I currently have a Mongoose Hotshot that was given to me for free. Since it was free I don't mind putting a little money to upgrades while saving for a better quality bike. I mainly ride for a workout around the city but also use it to ride to local stores for shopping around. Would eventually want a rear rack. My main problem is I'm not sure where to start with the upgrades or what upgrades to make?? I would post a link for the overview of the bike but I'm not allowed to yet. Thanks in advance.

flangehead 05-24-20 10:27 AM

Everyoneís situation is different. But to give you something to think over, hereís my prioritized list for 16 mile RT on roads, predawn, humid climate:

Lights (add with experience; helmet mounted have advantages)
Repair: flats, multi tool, add more with experience
Rack and panniers

Tiny detail: Mosquito repellent. (Fixing a flat without it is miserable.)
Current commuter setup.

Darth Lefty 05-24-20 12:15 PM

Donít spend a dime on it, make sure everything is adjusted and greased

Aircraftblues 05-24-20 12:49 PM

Originally Posted by Darth Lefty (Post 21494555)
Donít spend a dime on it, make sure everything is adjusted and greased

Ok then so just repair kit and necessary extras

JayKay3000 05-24-20 01:53 PM

Full Fenders - For the rain or wet roads & they may fit your better bike.
Rack and panniers - To carry a small amount of 'stuff' - also good for stowing a coat or extra food for longer rides.
Set of bicycle lights front and rear - Good battery set is OK, USB ones are a bit brighter.
Good Lock - So no one walks off with it.

For what its the bike looks OK so don't spend money on it as most of the things I've listed you should be able to move to your better bike if an when you get it.

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