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mkloomis 06-20-20 03:46 PM

Thule pannier retainer pin, how to reset
Maybe someone here knows how this is done. Thule shield pannier. The pull-cord assembly that holds the pannier to the top bar of the rack. The assembly can be adjusted forward or backward to fit the bike. The two plates (with the twist holders), that the pull loop attaches to, are held in place with those kind of spring-loaded retainer pins that pop into holes on the assembly base. So I was adjusting all this to switch the pannier from my bike to my husbandís bike, and one of the little retainer pins collapsed sideways and got wedged. I managed to extract it. But now I donít see how to get it back into position. It needs to go in from underneath. With the spring inside. The attachment points for the whole assembly go through the wall of the bag but are more like rivets in that they donít have any slots for removal and replacement from either side. So I canít take off the assembly frame to reset the pin and then attach it back. I tried prying the semi-flexible frame with a lever to get the twist-holder plate out, but it didnít want to pry far enough. I attach a photo. I emailed Thule through their US web site but they never replied. They donít have a phone number posted. Any ideas?

I was going to attach a photo but I am too new to so it won't let me do that yet.

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