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fubar5 01-31-03 08:31 PM

New backpack
I got my Deuter Bike 1 backpack today. It is great!!! :beer: It has a pull-out rain cover, 1500 cu. in. capacity, a helmet holder, room for a hydration bladder, a cool padding design that ventilates the back so it doesn't get so sweaty, a bunch of pockets, waist and chest strap, plus it is super cool. I'll give a full ride report tomorrow. Next stop, B.O.B yak trailer!!!

RainmanP 02-02-03 06:17 AM

Originally posted by fubar5
Next stop, B.O.B yak trailer!!!
Damn, Fubar! You must have a really long commute! :D

toolfreak 02-02-03 07:08 AM

I`ve always considered Deuter as one of the best cycling packs you can get on the market.
The comfort is excellent, IMO its far more better then other brands.

newmtb 02-02-03 11:48 AM

I use to work in an outdoor store and we would always get the product knowledge seminars. Deuter makes excellent backpacks in general. The way they manage to keep the price down is because they offer a one year limited waranty. Whereas other brands tend to offer alot longer no questions asked sort of policy.

fubar5 02-03-03 08:28 PM

Well, here's my report:

It's awesome!!! ;)

The airstripes padding is great, and my back does get great ventilation. Today was pretty warm, which usually means I need to pack at least one extra shirt because the one I ride in is to sweaty. Not today!! I did pack an extra shirt, but I didn't need it. The pack is very stable, and all the straps really help to distribute the load. The pack also swallowed everything I needed to put in it(two books, two notebooks, a pair of shorts, a shirt, pens, pencils, food, tools, shoes, bike lock, and a canister of powder gatorade).

RainmanP, I just want a trailer so I can go get groceries, drop stuff off at the Salvation army, pick up sewing machines, and do all the other odd jobs my mom gives me. However, I may not buy a B.O.B....I've been working on a design of my own, and I'm going to give it a shot! I wouldn't really lose anything besides a few bucks, and if it works, I'll have a butt kickin trailer.

Juha 02-04-03 09:25 AM

Originally posted by fubar5
I've been working on a design of my own, and I'm going to give it a shot! I wouldn't really lose anything besides a few bucks, and if it works, I'll have a butt kickin trailer.
Great, fubar5! Keep us posted on your progress.


fubar5 02-04-03 09:55 AM

I'm working out a few bugs with the hinge/pivot..Nothing real big, basically I'm making as many designs for that as I can, that way if I can't find a piece I need for one, I may be able to make another one work. I've got one in mind right now that I think will be a winner. It's got the most support, and the least joints(weak places). I get paid the 15th of this month, and then I will get started.

amerpie 02-04-03 07:22 PM

You should get a comission. I just bought one too, from


fubar5 02-07-03 11:04 AM

Lemme know what you think about it. For the first few rides it was jsut a little uncomfortable, but now the pads have broken in and the whole thing is just one great story. My back doesn't hurt anymore, I don't get headaches anymore, I don't have to get off my bike to reorganize everything so book corners don't poke me anymore...ah. :beer:

Big Helmet 02-07-03 01:58 PM

Originally posted by amerpie
You should get a comission. I just bought one too, from


You both should get a commission. I just ordered a Cross-Air model -- at a very good price from the Sierra Trading Post, whom I had never heard of before.

fubar5 02-08-03 06:18 AM

Sierra frequently has good buys. Now that you know of them you should check back periodically to see whats going on.

MikeOK 02-08-03 08:48 AM

Somebody please post a pic, I need something bigger than the Camelbak I currently use. I'm planning on starting commuting to work via Santa Cruz Bullit starting a week from tuesday, weather permitting. (but don't tell Spire :) )

fubar5 02-08-03 03:46 PM

MikeOk, I don't a have a digital cam, so I can't get a photo up real quickly. Go to and go to bike gear or something like that. They have 3 packs by deuter. The bike 1 that I got, a smaller more hydration pack oriented one, and then a bigger one(I think it is the superbike). The big one is 58 bucks right now, which is a good deal, they are usually around 80-90 bucks. They should have some pics at sierra.

Loaded_Volpe 02-13-03 09:20 AM

Fubar et al,

I use a Jansport standard backpack in winter to transport my stuff to work. Pros of this pack:

-- lots of room
-- comfortable to wear (in winter)
-- rugged (it is many years old)

Jansport cons:

-- I boil in summer with this thing glued to my back
-- no partitions inside to organize my stuff
-- no easy way to transport a tennis racquet
-- no easy access if I need something while riding

I'm intrigued by the Superbike pack, especially b/c the design keeps the pack off my back. Questions on this and similar packs:

--Does this technology really work in extreme heat, i.e. will the pack really stay off my back when it's loaded?
--Are there any partitions inside to organize stuff
-- Can the superbike be loaded with roughly same amount of stuff as the standard Jansport pack?
--Any way to jam a tennis racquet in there?


Bandit 02-13-03 05:15 PM

wait 'til you wear it for a few years and develop a kink that only 20 years of chiropractic therapy will remove ....

i'll stick with my panniers, thanks very much.

Poguemahone 02-13-03 08:11 PM

Crap... these forums make realize how old and outdated everything I use is... I have an old North Face pack I use, top loading with a drawstring and no zippers to break (except one on the small pocket up top). I've had it fifteen plus years, it's still in great condition despite being used nearly 200+ days a year over the time I've owned it. It has no hydration pack, no fancy back areating design, no much of anything. But it could carry a tennis racket, I'm pretty sure. I do have a courier sack I use on occasion, but that's only three years old...
I'm not even going to look at that newfangled thing.

amerpie 02-14-03 01:57 PM

I got mine this week and like FUBAR, I am much impressed. The custom fit is fantastic, the construction overall is great. It seems like a real solid piece of equipment. Now I don't have to mount anything on my Cannondale to carry a light load for an overnight trip.

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