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chewa 02-02-03 10:05 AM

Dirty bike
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This is the front fork of my bike after a week of commuting in December in Scotland. Mucky, isn't it? You should see my shoes!! :)

nemo 02-02-03 11:34 AM

wow and I thought mine was messy!!! 111 miles in the snow salt and mud with out fenders.

pinerider 02-02-03 11:39 AM

It looks healthier than the black crud I get on my rims from driving through the salt and sand they put on the roads around here!! I'll have to take a pic next time - maybe we can have a dirtiest bike competition! (mtb off roading not included)

toolfreak 02-02-03 11:51 AM

Are those ShimaNO SPD`s ? :D

chewa 02-03-03 02:58 AM

Originally posted by toolfreak
Are those ShimaNO SPD`s ? :D
You caught me out Mark!!

They are indeed. I'll go and hang my head in shame and just be grateful that you didn't notice the Shimano brakes (oops!).

Soon to be changed though.:rolleyes:

chewa 02-03-03 03:00 AM

By the way, I don't ride off road.

All of that is from salt on the road, decaying leaves after autumn and the result of passing a building site every day.

Thank goodness for mudguards.

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