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khuon 02-04-03 01:37 AM

Anyone here had experience using Bikestation? Do you think it's a good idea or will it only serve to obviate the responsibility for employers and businesses to provide proper parking facilities for cyclists? I used to be a big cyclo-commuter in the past but nowadays, I work out of my home so I use my bikes to escape from work, for recreation or light shopping. Although I applaud any effort to make it easier for commuters, thinking back, I'm not so certain Bikestations would have been useful to me.

DanFromDetroit 02-04-03 10:17 AM

I have not used a Bikestation, but from looking at the WWW site, it seems to me that it is set up to encourage folks to ride the train.

The idea of valet bike parking troubles me a little bit too.

Why is it that the WWW site shows E-bikes and electric cars and no "real" bicycles ?

I like the idea of a Bikestation, but probably would not use it, if it were available here, opting instead for a folding bike.

If they were to convert the last car or two on the train for bike parking, that I would use.


Pete Clark 02-07-03 09:02 AM

If the demand by bicycle parking is great enough to encourage businesses to cash in on the trend, that's a good sign. But one of the reasons I ride a bike is to avoid parking costs, so I doubt I'd use such a service. Plus, once you get businesses offering a paid parking service for bikes, the policing of improperly parked bikes might get a lot tougher.

late 02-07-03 09:24 AM

I love the idea of paying for parking my bike,if......that money buys a genuinely secure parking place. That website doesn't seem to think telling us what they do is important. And that makes me suspect this is just another program whose real purpose is to make it's grant writer a few bucks.

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