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N_C 07-30-06 08:14 AM

Does this make me a oneway commuter?
I only commute one way or the other, depending on what shift I work.

If I work 7 am to 3:30 or 4 inthe afternoon my wife takes me & I ride home. To commute to work I'd have to wake up at 4 am, much to early.

If I work from 10 am to 6 or 7 pm I ride to work & my wife picks me up. I am either too tired to ride home or there is not enough day light left. Even with a lights, which I have I do not like riding in after sunset.

So I guess this makes me a oneway commuter right? Anyone else only commute oneway or the other? Your reasons for it?

Eggplant Jeff 07-30-06 08:37 AM

I've been doing one-way commutes a lot lately because I can take the train the entire way (give or take a couple blocks) and my stamina isn't quite up to doing 100% by bike yet (and/or I'm lazy and/or I have something I need to do).

You're still a bike commuter, it's not like you haven't passed the membership requirements to our exclusive club or something ;). Welcome to the HHCMF!

In my case I always do one-way commutes in pairs, because if I bike to work and take the train home, it means the next day I have to take the train in (since my bike's still at work) and then I can bike home. I do have a second bike and I did in fact ride almost my entire commute on it the other day with huhenio but then I'd be having to deal with having TWO bikes at work and I can still only ride one home at a time.

dane_bikes 07-31-06 10:29 AM

Because I am not much of a morning person and can't always seem to get up on time I will sometimes take the train to an area closer to work and then bike the 4 miles from the station to my office and then ride the whole way home. Its just faster than riding the whole way, so if I'm limited on time this works great.

turtle tdc 08-02-06 03:21 AM

i sometimes only commute one way or one way and a half (taking the bus half of the distance to there)

some days im just not up to riding 20 miles




i still feel better on a bike than in a car

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