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craigdurkee 09-16-06 09:49 PM

please show suport
guys looks like i made an error please visit my new site and show your support

thanks so much guys

Bearminder 09-16-06 11:42 PM

Perhaps you didn't mean too but your copying of the article from this forum on bike locks seems like you are trying to take credit for writing it.

If you are going to copy at least give credit where it is due.

Bearminder 09-16-06 11:45 PM

craigdurkee 09-17-06 01:00 AM

sorry guys yeah didnt want it to look like that it was from here and a great article to


SingingSabre 09-17-06 10:39 AM

Big typo which tends to irritate me...

"alot" should actually be "a lot"


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