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Juilin 09-22-06 03:35 PM

Jacket Sizing
I got my new Showerspass elite in the mail today and, since I've never owned a official piece of bike-specific rain gear before I'm wondering how it's actually supposed to fit. I ordered a large because I'm pretty well always a large in everything else I've ever owned. The jacket fits a bit snug, though the arms are the right length. I'm fairly slender so that's not an issue. I'm just concerned I might not be able to layer a lot of items comfortably underneath. So do you all usually go up a size? Or is it supposed to be snug?

Phantoj 09-22-06 04:54 PM

How many layers are you going to need in Seattle? I'm thinking a thin base + a sweater or fleece + a rain jacket should keep me toasty/sweaty down to freezing or so.

I like my bike stuff to fit tightly and not catch the wind... But... if you think it's too small, maybe it is.

Juilin 09-22-06 05:51 PM

For the money I just want to be sure. >.>

Jarery 09-22-06 06:25 PM

Im 3 hours (car driving) north of you, and went all last year with only 2 thin layers under it. Something like an underarmor heatgear layer then a long sleeve jersey was all i needed most of the year. Swapped out the thin base for a thin wool base occasionally. Never needed anything bulky like a typical sweater.

It shouldnt be so its pulling or tight when your on the bike though. But you shouldnt have the room to wear multiple sweaters.

newbojeff 09-22-06 09:52 PM

As I said in another thread, I just got my Elite too, but haven't had a chance to wear it. Although far from my first bit of bike-specific clothing, it is my first good biking jacket. I am 5'11", thin, and of relatively short torso. The medium is snug, with good arm length and I can get a fleece under it. I rarely need to wear more than that (on my torso anyway) even on very cold days.

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