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Lurker1999 01-19-07 02:53 AM

Topeak Moonshine HID light $130
The caveat is, it's not yet on sale.. The sale starts Feb 9th.

Link to the FatWallet thread announcing the next REI Super-clearance sale.

Link to the Topeak Moonshine HID light.

Currently this lists as $256.83. During the super clearance sale this should be 50% off which means it'll cost only $128.42 (plus tax/shipping if you choose). I believe this is a rebadged Trail Tech light that's not as good as a L&M light but for that price how can you argue. I mean you could buy 3 of these for the price of one L&M if you were really sick and crazy..

If you search for Topeak Moonshine HID on Bikeforums you can turn up plenty of old threads discussing this light.

skingry 01-19-07 04:20 AM

Second link is already dead.... :(

Juha 01-19-07 06:09 AM

Originally Posted by skingry
Second link is already dead.... :(

Link works OK, but REI site says "Topeak Moonshine HID front light is not available". Maybe try again when the clearance starts?


Zero_Enigma 01-19-07 08:02 PM

REI link not working and shows link not available. I did a search on the Topeak site and found this.


ahpook 01-22-07 01:14 PM

that new battery pack looks pretty sweet, though i hope 'eliminating the need for long cables' doesnt mean 'you cant run a long cable back to your pannier, even if you want to'...

CastIron 01-22-07 04:12 PM

I'm thinking that modified with a red lens, this could be the mother biatch of tail lights. For little more than DiNotte. <evil laugh> Paging death star engineers to the red courtesy phone!

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