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Eli_Damon 01-21-07 09:13 AM

extra Cateye mounting brackets: how to get
I have a Cateye HL-EL530 and a TL-LD1000 and I want to be able switch them between two bikes. Do any of you know where I can get extra mounting brackets? Thanks. Eli

GCRyder 01-21-07 09:21 AM

Eli_Damon 01-21-07 11:01 AM

Thanks. Somehow, I didn't see that section of the website when I looked.

Speedub.Nate 01-21-07 11:15 AM

Play with your quantities. If you order just one or two brackets or bands, they'll ship it in an envelope for 52. If you order more, they'll charge you $5.15 for Priority Mail.

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