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PapeteeBooh 08-20-01 08:58 PM

When do you NOT like to ride
I ride every day but some day are really painful. Here are mine:

- when I have the flue and are feverish (like today).
- when I have a bad hangover.
- in a wind storm or a snow storm.
- on major roads.

Rain on the other hand proved to be a lot more fun than I imagined. Overall NM is a fine place for cycling. Wheather is nice if very hot at times traffic is low etc. The place has a fair amount of hills but I can deal with it.

What about you guys (or girls)?

dirtsqueezer 08-20-01 09:19 PM

When there is frost on the windshields. Sadly my neighbors don't take the time to defrost.

Chris L 08-20-01 09:33 PM

Never ridden in snow. Have done torrential rain and extreme heat and enjoyed them. I draw the line at hail. I'll find shelter until that passes.


MichaelW 08-21-01 03:32 AM

Ive ridden in light snow a few times. The riding part is OK, but drivers dont give you the extra leeway you need. In the UK, snow turns to heavy dirty wet slush within hours, and that can be nasty when you get sprayed by a passing car.

I dont like black ice (ice covered in water), freezing rain, and blustery gales, but cold temp and heavy ice on rural roads are no problem.
I try to stay off the bike if Im feeling unwell.

Normal rain is simply not a problem.

Weasel 08-21-01 05:49 AM

I hate riding to the S-Bahn station in the morning. It is only 10 minutes ride and I do it at 4am when there is absolutely nothing on the roads. Problem is, the roads are terrible (cobblestones or rutted tracks) and my Bahn-bike is a hideous 35lb lump of East German machinery that rattles a little more than it should. The good thing is, I never need to lock it - it is really that bad! Plus the tyres are virtually flat so after only 10 minutes my legs have had one hell of a sweaty work out!:)

ridealot 08-21-01 06:08 AM

I am not much on riding in the wind either. I know I should see it as a challenge but sometimes it just gets to me. It makes my eyes water real bad.

I also do no like to ride in that hard stinging rain that happens now and then. (I do like to ride in a nice shower tho)

Greg 08-21-01 07:34 AM

Riding along the coastline here the wind can be a real pain. If it's real windy I won't leave the house but if I'm already on the road, I'm committed.

Sometimes a strong headwind makes you feel like you weigh 300 pounds.

The saving grace is I get to turn around on my in lap and race it all the way home, although I have had Miss Nature change the direction mid ride and make me earn it both ways. Bless her heart.

D*Alex 08-21-01 08:14 AM

I rode through all last winter, heavy snow, cold, and all. I'm not going to do that as much this winter, because last winter season was awfully hard on the bike. In the future, I won't ride in a blizzard. The snow is manageable, to a point, but being blown over into a snowbank is something which I don't want to repeat.

RainmanP 08-21-01 08:53 AM

Originally posted by Greg
Riding along the coastline here the wind can be a real pain.
Let's all shed a tear for Greg in beastly Southern California. (sniffle) :D (Just messin' with you, Greg!)

Let me see. Not like to ride? NOT like to ride? That does not compute, Will Robinson.

Seriously, I have it almost as good here in New Orleans as old Greg in southern CA. Except for SERIOUS humidity. But riding in heat and humidity is not too bad because you have your own little built in breeze. And rain cools things off. I guess the only time that was a real pain was riding through 1 ft deep water in flooded streets, during a tropical storm, which I will never do again (the tropical storm part was OK, I'll just avoide flooded streets)! I only did it then because the water was very clear and I could see the street very well, including the open manhole whose cover had been popped off by water pressure in the storm drains! My panniers, which were protected with rain covers, got soaked from BENEATH!

Greg 08-21-01 09:04 AM

This is sooo typical.

Society keeping the Tan man down.

RainmanP 08-21-01 12:45 PM

Yeah, you're right. Those of us in the sunny south, even southern California, have to stick together. I have developed a pretty good cyclist tan this summer though my daughters call it a farmer tan and make fun of my white torso. I get no respect. They want me to even it out but I refuse to compromise a perfectly good biker tan that has taken months to achieve. :D

Chris L 08-21-01 04:18 PM

What's the deal? I live on the coast too, and I absolutely LOVE the wind! Every bit of it. The more wind there is, the better in my view.


heybulldog 08-21-01 05:13 PM

I agree with chrisL.

The more wind the better.

(as long as its a tailwind....:) )

Jean Beetham Smith 08-21-01 05:20 PM

I'll ride if it is snowing, raining, or blowing; but I wimp out in heavy fog. If I'm fog-bound on our hill, I won't ride, even with all my lights. I'll ride through unanticipated fog, but every light goes on. Chicken, chicken, chicken...

LittleBigMan 08-21-01 08:03 PM

Three cheers for J.B.S. These bike commuting ladies get me, right here (pounds heart.)

I'm not so tough. Here in Atlanta, we have two, no three things that are basically adverse to cycling: heat, humidity and cars.

But you get used to all three.

I wish I had more to contribute, like a ride in a thundering hailstorm, with tornadoes and flying cows...

Allister 08-22-01 12:22 AM

Climatic conditions don't really affect my decision to ride or not. The only times I don't ride are when I've had a late night and I'm feeling a bit lazy. Of course, once I get to work and go through the bike forums I start to regret the decision but still have to catch the train home. :irritated

Chris L 08-22-01 01:16 AM

I've done the heavy fog thing up on the Beechmont Range a couple of times. I think it's very beautiful.

BTW, I meant HEADwinds. Tailwinds make you soft. :D


Weasel 08-22-01 01:30 AM

Originally posted by Greg
Riding along the coastline here the wind can be a real pain.
Don't eat as many beans before you hit the saddle!!:D :D

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