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Kevin S 08-22-01 06:39 PM

Making progress
Biked 10 miles today including what my son calls "kill valley" (two "coast at 35 mph, climb at 4 mph" hills). That's up from 4 miles a ride two months ago, and walking up those hills when I dared to try them.

I'm sending the check tonight for next month's EC course and then I will start doing a partial commute. That will fit my schedule much better than these pre-dawn training rides after walking two dogs a mile each.

Pedaling and happy,
Kevin S.

RainmanP 08-22-01 08:01 PM

All right, Kevin! Just don't get suckered into a ride with that Pete Clark character over in Stone Mountain. That dude is a wild man. :D

LittleBigMan 08-22-01 08:39 PM

This is what I live to hear, people enjoying biking as a lifestyle.

First and foremost, aside from all the real benefits, it's great fun!


Kevin, don't confuse me with the "Pete Clark in Stone Mountain" that Raymond is making reference to. Just look in the phone book, there is more than one "Pete Clark!" ;)

O.K., it's me in Stone Mountain... :rolleyes:


nebill 08-22-01 09:06 PM

Pedaling and happy! What a great way to be! Keep it up Kevin!!

Kevin S 08-23-01 07:38 AM

Originally posted by RainmanP
All right, Kevin! Just don't get suckered into a ride with that Pete Clark character over in Stone Mountain. That dude is a wild man. :D
Wild man? Just because he manages to bike 30 miles a day and post 100 messages a day? Nahhhh, he's just "active."

Thanks all for the words of encouragement.

Kevin S.
Who is now studying all the streets on his commute with the questions, "Could I bike this section with traffic?" and, "What alternative routes are there and how much longer are they?"

RainmanP 08-23-01 08:33 AM

Kevin S and other aspiring commuters,
Don't be afraid to go a couple of miles out of your way to take streets that offer less traffic. On a bike you hardly notice a couple of extra miles. After a while you will be looking for ways to extend, unless your commute is kind of long to begin with. My morning ride is about 8.75 miles because I go in early when there is no traffic so I can take the most direct route on major streets. When I first started, my evening commute was about 11.5 using side streets and involved walking my bike on the sidewalk around one particularly bad intersection. As I got stronger, I switched to a 13 mile route that takes the same time as the 11.5 because I avoid that intersection. The last few days, I have been extending that to about 16.4 and may make that my regular route home.

RonH 08-23-01 10:16 AM

Congratulations! :thumbup:

Whenever you're ready you and I can take on Pete on a ride around Stone Mountain. :D

Pete and Rainman, you are my inspiration.
Today I woke up feeling crappy (not sick, just crappy) and thought about driving to work.
Then I thought to myself, "Would Pete or Rainman do that?"

Everyone on BF inspires me to do better. Here's to each of you. :beer:

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