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Ellie 08-29-01 06:43 AM

Messenger bags
I'm having a little trouble keeping my messenger bag on my bag. It keeps slipping to one side, which I'm finding a bit inconvenient. I think I might have the strap too long, but it won't shorten any more without me stitching it up. Anyone got any advice?


Steele-Bike 08-29-01 07:48 AM

Welcome to the Forums Ellie!!! :)

Does the bag have a chest strap? If not, I would highly recommend getting one that does. I have a Sundog bag that works well...Timbuk2 also has a wide variety of sizes that are very popular. As far as working with you current bag, I am not sure how to shorten a strap or add a chest strap.

D*Alex 08-29-01 08:41 AM

A rack and panniers is the surest solution. I tried those messenger bags, and found that they really screw up your balance. If you need to carry anything any distance, get a rack.

RainmanP 08-29-01 09:27 AM

I'm with D*Alex. Rack and pannier/rack trunk on my commuter. When I ride my road bike, I use a small backpack to carry a minimal amount of stuff.

That said you could try taking up some of the length with a couple of large safety pins or big rubber band just to see if that does any good. Many swear by messenger bags. A good one should have a torso strap and properly designed shoulder strap to keep it where you want it.

Ellie 08-29-01 11:45 AM

Hi all,

You're right. Panniers would be best. I even have some that I used to use before my bike (and pannier rack) got stolen. :( Just at the moment though I have to store my bike in my flat, which is three floors up. I really don't need any extra weight on it! Not until I've built up my muscles a little, anyway.

Thanks for the alterations suggestions. I'll try it and see!


bjlaw 08-29-01 01:27 PM

Welcome Ellie:

After much searching I finally settled on a Trek rack and a special Trek pack that fits the rack. I really like the pack because it's not very big or heavy when folded up but when you have more to carry the side pockets fold out and down into panniers that are secured by the lower section of the rack. Ity's very clever. I think it's called a "trunk." At least that's part of the model name.

This set up is much cooler in hot weather than my back pack I was wearing.


riderx 08-31-01 09:25 AM

I have a Timbuk2 bag and the 2 features that it has which are essential are:
-An infinitely adjustable shoulder strap
-A chest strap

When properly adjusted, the bag will be secure (which is absolutely necessary) and should not effect your balance.

What kind of bag do you have?

D*Alex 08-31-01 10:10 AM

Messengers like those "messenger" bags because of simplicity. Most messengers have multiple bikes, and not all can mount a rack. Also, messenger bags are quicker for deliveries-you don't have to pull stuff out before you go into a building.

Ellie 08-31-01 04:27 PM

Originally posted by riderx
What kind of bag do you have?
I have a Dirt Monkey bag. I picked it up cheap (spot the theme - recently graduated student!) in a Halfords, and have found that although I love the bag itself all of the straps are too big. I'm a skinny(ish) 5'3", which I guess is kind of small, but really it's a bit irritating.

I have looked at the Timbuk2 ones, but can't find a UK supplier atm. In fact, if anyone does happen to know of a good LBS in the Bournemouth area I'd love to hear from you!


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