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sarabeth624 07-11-07 12:55 PM

what are the best slicks for all-weather and puncture protection?
Hi everyone!

I've got a 2005 Giant Iguana mountain bike which I'll need to use for work (12 miles round trip). I live in WA and I'm on a budget so I'm wondering which slicks would be good for my bike..slicks that can handle wet weather and have some puncture protection. I don't want to go too skinny because I'm not exactly the most graceful rider. But still something that will speed up the commute. I'd appreciate any and all opinions!

I'd rather ride off sweat than fumes :D

acroy 07-11-07 01:23 PM

my short list--
nimbus armadillo: Super tough, Expensive, ride kinda harsh
schwalbe marathon: tough, expensive, ride nice
Nashbar Urbans: tough, cheap, ride pretty good.
Conti Speed Slicks: expensive, tough, fast, ride very nice. pretty narrow.

i'd suggest starting at about 1.5" width, skinny enough to be fast & light but fat enough you'll be comfortable. fwiw, i'm currently riding 1.75" Marathons on my mtb commuter

greenstork 07-11-07 02:42 PM

I'm currently running Schwalbe Marathon Supremes and I'm absolutely convinced that they're the best damn commuting tire that there is. They look huge on my road bike at 37mm but their looks are deceiving. They ride much narrower than their profile and very very smooth. They inflate to 85psi. I was originally planning to use these tires just for a tour and then switch back to my 28mm tires but I like the Supremes so much that I'm going to keep them as my everyday tire. I think the roadies are surprised when they see me ride past them or keep right on their wheel, with these wider tires.

squegeeboo 07-11-07 02:43 PM

Any slicks + Mr. Tuffys

CliftonGK1 07-11-07 02:50 PM

Cheap-o house brand Nashbar or Performance slicks and Mr. Tuffy liners will be your cheapest choice.

I roll Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires and I can say that I'm happy to have spent the money on them, (although I'd order them online and not from my LBS again, because the LBS was about $20 more for the pair, even if I figure in shipping charges.) I've got almost 1000 flat free miles on them.

sarabeth624 07-13-07 11:23 AM

Thanks a lot guys!

dynaryder 07-13-07 12:09 PM

Specialized Nimbus in plain Flak Jacket.

I've also heard good things about Panaracer T-Servs.

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