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Marylandnewbie 09-09-07 08:07 PM

Very Long Commute Club: Week 20 2007
I actually remembered to start this thread on Sunday night so everyone can maintain a suitable level of motivation. Around these parts there seems to be no excuse not to ride. The weather has been great and it looks like that will hold through the week. It probably means another crowded week on the MUP.

I couldn't think of any good topics for this week's thread, so we'll just let it be a free form week. Ride safe everyone.

hubcap 09-10-07 08:02 AM

Beautiful riding weather this morning. I had to wear the arm warmers on the first section of my ride and I have been needing to keep my front "see" light on the whole way too. Looks like rain this afternoon.

Scummer 09-10-07 09:07 AM

Cloudy and a little cool today for the ride in. Constantly headwind on my 29 mile commute. But I made it in my normal 2 hour time slot.
Seems like it's going to be a wet ride home tonight.

Marylandnewbie 09-10-07 10:41 AM

Around here its been so long since we've seen rain that little kids don't even believe water can fall from the sky!! Maybe tomorrow will offer an opportunity for them to see it happen.

vrkelley 09-10-07 01:41 PM

Got the OK to go back on the bike. So I'm slowly working back up. If I pedal with too steady of cadance, it's pay-back time for up to 2 days owwwww.

robtown 09-10-07 06:22 PM

It'll soon be the time when it's brisk in the morning and hot on the way home. That's always a challenge for picking the right gear. I bought a vest off that just might work well with a long sleeve jersey.
You're right about the MUP - quite a bit more trafic this evening.

Cyclaholic 09-10-07 06:44 PM

Its magpie season here, that means helmet and sunglasses to protect myself from the winged terrors of the cyclepaths!

I'm on the receiving end of an average of around 5 air raids per commute at the moment,more on warmer days.

....and in other news, I have a new toy! I just purchased my first graphing calculator, a TI-89 Titanium. Everyone is trying to avoid me untill the novelty wears off because I'm going around bending everyone's ear about how I can now 'see' calculus, I'm one very happy geek.:p

Scummer 09-10-07 07:50 PM

Wow.. what an amazing tail wind on my way home. With fully loaded panniers, stop light, traffic and yadda yadda I was still able to squeeze out a 17.3mph avg over 29 miles. On the first part on the MUP parallel to Lake Shore Drive I was able to cruise at a comfortable 23-25mph. It was incredible.

zephyr 09-10-07 08:17 PM

Got out my generator wheel and mounted it up front yesterday in preparation for the morning commute the rest of the year. The dawns early light is pretty dim right now on the first half of my one hour ride to work, so my 3 watt generator light makes me a little more visible to the cars on the road. Nice 30 mile RT today, cool 60F morning and warm 80F afternoon. Off to a good start for the week, but next week will be even better...vacation!

hubcap 09-11-07 07:20 AM

Originally Posted by Cyclaholic (Post 5245213)
Its magpie season here

That sounds funny. The only magpies I have ever seen are Heckle and Jeckle.

It rained the whole way home yesterday. Heavy, blowing rain. And construction for a new neighborhood began along one of the roads of my route that left lots of mud and gravel all over the road. Yech.

Marylandnewbie 09-11-07 11:01 AM

Cyclaholic -- go ahead and promote yourself to UBER geek given your excitement over a calculator. I'm glad I don't have to deal with magpies, a few grumpy gees on occasion, but they are not nearly as aggressive as magpies.

Finally rode in the rain this morning. Not much of a rain -- more of an intermittent light drizzle. I didn't bather with raingear since I was almost dried off from one shower before the next set of showers began. I also had my first flat in several months, so I had to dust off the tools and remember how to change tubes. Fortunately, its like riding a bike. . . ;)

Marylandnewbie 09-12-07 10:27 AM

Dietrologia -- I think we can all sympathsize, if you ride all the time there are going to be dragging days. It doesnt seem to be related to weather or how much sleep or get or anything else. Usually 1 or 2 days like that and somehow the "drags" pass and I'm back to riding like normal.

It was a gorgeous, clear, cool, non-humid morning around here. I'm enjoying it while I can since before long I'll be adding layers for the AM and dropping them for the PM.

Marylandnewbie 09-13-07 07:30 AM

First cool morning of the Fall with temps in the 50s. I wore my Cirque du Soleil shirt that I picked up at Walmart this summer. Like a Cirque costume its skin tight, long sleeved and shiny red. Its part of Walmarts wicking athletic clothing so it works really well. Since I am not built for skintight (instead of Floyd Landis think Floyd the Barber) I pulled another shirt over the Cirque shirt.

With the great weather, the MUP was very busy. I guess I can't blame all the fair weather bikers for getting in the miles while they can.

Scummer 09-14-07 08:26 AM

A little cold this morning and a nice steady headwind to make this commute quite difficult, especially with the panniers taking the headwind on at full force.
But the hot shower at work felt great since I felt a little cold from the ride today.


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