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kill.cactus 09-10-07 06:35 PM

BLT lights - Wazoo Dx and Superdopler dx
Shorter days approach, and I was searching on the forums for information about the Blackburn Mars 3. People have raved about it, most have said it gets the job done. A few, though, pointed the posters to...

The BLT Ultra Wazoo Dx


The BLT Rear Superdopler Dx

Does anyone have any good experience with either of these? Are they CRAZY good as some have said or are they just marginally better than the Superflash or TL1000?

Thanks and hopefully this will become the definitive BLT lighting thread :)

kill.cactus 09-10-07 06:38 PM

I guess a good benchmark would be the Denotte Tail Light System. I know it is not as powerful, but compared between Denotte and Superflash, where do BLT's lights rank?

Schwinnrider 09-10-07 08:10 PM

I have Planet Bike Superflashes AND a Super Doppler DX taillight. The Super Doppler is just as bright as the big LED on the Superflash. The Superflash's combination of the two small LEDs and the .5w LED seem more impressive. That being said----if you can afford the DiNotte and you can work with it's limitations(limited battery life, mounting difficulty) I'd go with that one. I've contemplated the DiNotte taillight since it came out, but I don't like having to mount it to the seatpost---interferes with both a saddlebag AND a rack trunk), and that's just one more set of rechargeable batteries to maintain. I know it's not environmentally chic, but I have no problem using disposable AAAs, since the Superflash is so good on battery life.

kill.cactus 09-10-07 08:23 PM

Great - I'll purchase the Super Doppler DX to go with my Superflash (which is actually out of commission right now)

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