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tate65 01-30-08 11:38 AM

Be visible on the bike
I want this paint maybe not the bike.

littlewaywelt 01-30-08 11:41 AM

That is pretty funny. I like the other bike with the wheels painted with encapsulated tritium. Now that one glows.

If you're really concerned about being seen on the bike, a frame with copious amounts of 3m scotchlite tape would be much more effective.

jeff-o 01-30-08 12:04 PM

You can get glow-in-the-dark spray paint in cans at your local hardware store. It's even (mostly) transparent during the day.

harleyfrog 01-30-08 12:15 PM

That bike looks similar the the Slingsot Ripper.

CliftonGK1 01-30-08 01:14 PM

Identi-Tape sells phosphorescent marking tape. You could put stripes on all your frame tubes.

Mine was a tough call to make when I got my new Cross-Check: The greyish-white one, and put glow-tape on all of it, or the black one with black scotchlite tape on all of it. (I went with the black one.)

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