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Loaded_Volpe 10-17-03 11:27 AM

head plant in mud, degree of difficulty 3.5
So I decide to take the path and check the foliage, plus the path is safer than the road, right? Lots of mud after recent rains, go up the bank to avoid puddles. Coming back down the slight embankment to the path, there's a small puddle. Closing in it looks a bit deep. I rise up, brake and slow to a crawl, figuring I'll go slowly through the puddle and avoid mud splash. Front wheel hits puddle and finds the bottom of the hole, which is much deeper than it looked on the surface. I'm squeezing front brake at this point, so, over I go, in slo mo, next thing I know the top of my head (helmet) is pressing into the mud and the bike is going over sideways. Minor impact, lots of mud, handlebars torqued out of position, otherwise, a slow, embarrassing fall.

PdxMark 10-17-03 11:35 AM

I score it 8.5. You need more air to get into the nines.

Jay H 10-17-03 11:47 AM

I would say a 1.4 weight in terms of difficulty, knowing that it's not terribly hard to face plant but to be going slow enough to actually face plant in the puddle you actually hit, that takes some talent.


Allister 10-19-03 08:29 PM

:D Nice one! Wish I could have seen that. :D

Juha 10-20-03 03:20 AM

9. I liked the slow speed of the overall chain of events. Reminded me of last spring and how I was getting used to spd's: coming to a standstill, hopelessly yanking my feet out of (too stiffly adjusted) pedals, and subsequently "crashing" very slowly sideways into a bush in my own front yard :D. At some point there, as I was slowly descending through the thick bush, I thought this must be how zero gravity feels like.


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