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Mendel 06-03-08 11:50 AM

Cycling shorts = Lint collector
My cycling shorts seem to be filtering all the lint while they go through the wash. Is this common? Any other solution besides doing a separate wash?


dobber 06-03-08 11:59 AM

Originally Posted by Mendel (Post 6810854)
My cycling shorts seem to be filtering all the lint while they go through the wash. Is this common? Any other solution besides doing a separate wash?


Stick em inside a sock.

AEO 06-03-08 12:01 PM

on the inside or outside?
My shorts don't collect any lint whatsoever.

CliftonGK1 06-03-08 12:01 PM

Handwash 'em and hang 'em dry.

I think machine washing (unless you have a handwashable/intermittent setting on your machine) is the fastest way to ruin a pair of shorts.

JustBrowsing 06-03-08 12:59 PM

Originally Posted by dobber (Post 6810924)
Stick em inside a sock.

Should I just use the same sock that's stuck in them when I ride? :D

JeffS 06-03-08 01:11 PM

Must be the brand. None of mine have ever done that.

[edit] I have two pairs of shorts in my "commuter rotation". They get washed, then air dried, after each wear. They're probably in the 200 wash range each with no issues.

JustBrowsing 06-03-08 01:24 PM

What else are you throwing in the wash when you clean your shorts? Are you putting towels in there or something? Like everyone else here, my shorts come out with nothing on them.

bsyptak 06-03-08 01:33 PM

Lint is a "feature" of my washer (top loading HE), the subject of a class action suit against Sears & Whirlpool. Mine's been perfect except for the occasional lint which comes out in the dryer. Unfortunately, half of what we wash is non-dryable. I usually wash my darks with a second rinse cycle which usually solves most of the problem. You could also put them in the dryer on low or cool for 5 minutes before hanging. I have an ultra low setting on my dryer so I consider it safe for anything, even fleece. If you don't, don't tumble except on cool! Or just wipe it off once the shorts are dry.

zeytoun 06-03-08 02:52 PM

+1 on the hand-washing.

I just take them into the shower with me post-ride, and kill 2 birds with one stone. Wring them out and hang dry. The wicking fabric is dry by morning.

Faster than the washer, and they last much longer.

Mendel 06-10-08 11:58 PM

My wife does the wash, so its whatever else is in the laundry basket. It seems to be all brands that I own. (LG, Cannondale, Performance and Bellweather)

Thanks Zeytoun - I never thought of that.

andrelam 06-11-08 10:56 AM

Two things come to mind:
First, what are you washing along with your cycling shorts. In my case I wash all my cycling gear in the same load - wicking shirts, cycling shorts, and during the cooler times of the year my tights and long sleeve jersey. None of these items produces much in the way of lint. I also wash with detergent (tide), and put Fabreeze in the bleach cup, and wash without fabric softner as that will interfere with the wicking fabric. I run the load as white so that the Fabreeze gets rinsed through sometime during the wash. This realy help remove the sweat stink.

Second, what kind of machine do you use? The older top loaders are infamous for shredding your cloths. Having grown up in Europe I never understood why you'd want to have a top loader. Its a bit like using an old fasion washing board and rubbing you cloths on it really hard. I do have a front loader (thanks to my in-laws as a VERY nice wedding gift) and that makes a difference as they are much more gentile with the cloths. As a side bonus I end up using less water and electricty. If your shorts are getting shredded consider the gentile cycle or just hand wash them.

Happy riding,

ottawa_adam 06-11-08 10:59 AM

I wash all my bike clothes by hand. I have a good, natural scent-free detergent for delicates. It only takes about 5 minutes then I hang to dry. They're ready for the next morning.

ken cummings 06-11-08 11:09 AM

What fabric is use in your shorts? Even when wet some materials develop an electrical charge. Have all types of shorts attracted lint or just some of them?

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