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Dirt Farmer 03-26-14 09:01 AM


Originally Posted by gregveal (Post 16612836)
If you can, skip the biking shorts with chamois on the rainy days. Just wear synthetic underwear and light synthetic shorts. They'll dry faster and not chafe too much.

Helmet cover.

You do realize this thread is 6 years old, right? The OP may no longer be among the living!

Walter S 03-26-14 10:45 AM

After a long commute in your waterproof shorts I think you'll have cultivated the most horrible place to be on planet earth. That must be what hell is like - being trapped inside the waterproof shorts of a commuting bicyclist.

No waterproof wear for bicycling will keep you dry. Go for being warm and then call that a shining achievement.

mgw4jc 03-26-14 11:48 AM


Originally Posted by modernjess (Post 6984168)
I don't know dude, I'm thinking a car for you on rainy days.

Agree. Or just get wet. A Goretex jacket/pants combination may keep you mostly dry, but if it is above about 40 degrees and/or you are riding with any effort, you'll sweat and still be wet.

It's better to just wear quick-drying clothes and carry or store a change of clothes at work. My biggest issue with getting wet on the way to work is what to then do with the wet clothes during the day. I'd prefer they could dry out somehow, but I don't really have a place to hang them without grossing out the rest of the office.

fietsbob 03-26-14 12:51 PM

It's Vanity that has people not fitting Mudguards ..

,< because real racers , even training don't want to be mistaken for Tourists >

Paraphrasing a statement heard in Belgium .. :rolleyes:

gregjones 03-26-14 02:01 PM


Originally Posted by Dirt Farmer (Post 16612868)
You do realize this thread is 6 years old, right? The OP may no longer be among the living!

It seems that this thread even predated the June 2009 publication of The Rules.

In that case, refer to #5 .

AlTheKiller 03-26-14 03:30 PM

Maybe the OP somehow found the elusive, waterproof shorts and had been to busy riding through rivers without his knees getting wet to post back...

WonderMonkey 03-26-14 05:55 PM

Some sort of small diving wetsuit type thing?

silentlysailing 03-26-14 10:59 PM

Well I've ridden during a hurricane and in hail storms. For those instances rain gear is a must. Keeps the hail from stinging, and from getting too cold. I can say with rain gear take it extra easy if it is warm outside, plan in breaks as well. Its heavy and slow(not aerodynamic) but will keep you dry and safer. Also some of the rain gear you can get with reflective threading or stripes. Walmart sells basic rain gear in the camping section, or you can go somewhere else for fancier stuff.

Edit: Doh this thread is several years old.

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