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Ka_Jun 07-28-08 01:33 PM is a community driven site dedicated to help motivate people to better health through alternative “human-powered” means of transportation. Whether it is walking, running, skating or biking that gets you to Point B from Point A; you will be doing yourself and others a benefit. The benefits of commuting alternatively are like the circle of life whereas each piece of the circle ultimately connects to the other parts.
It is no secret that our lifestyles here in the United States are fast past and stressful. Most of us commute by a personal vehicle daily to work only to sit in traffic on the way home. They do not call it the “Asphalt Jungle” for nothing. Why not hit the trails in your community instead to help work off that last meal as well as help your cardiovascular system fight off cardiovascular disease, the single biggest killer here in the United States. Did we forget to mention the exercise will help reduce your stress levels as well? Many people often state they do not have the time to exercise. Well here is your chance to do so daily.
With our economy these days alternate commuting is a great way to help say those hard earned greenbacks. With gasoline hovering around $4.00 a gallon and climbing, why not save those dollars for a rainy day or vacation not mention the costs you will save on the wear and tear on your vehicle.

Getting together with groups of people that are using alternative means to commute to work, school or run errands is an excellent way to meet new friends, share ideas and learn new things. Not to mention with groups you will stay motivated knowing that you belong to a group of others with the same goals as you. When you participate in groups you not only benefit yourself but others as well.

Finding alternative means for your commutes such as walking, running, rollerblading or biking are good for the environment. Your carbon footprint using these other means versus a vehicle are incredibly small.

Bottom line here is that using alternative means of commuting to work, school or running errands offers many benefits to integral parts of your life. Whether you do it everyday or a few days a week your efforts will not only benefit others but also your Quality of Life.

crhilton 07-28-08 08:40 PM

Kinda cool. I wish the mile tracker would let you enter things you do frequently so that you don't have to enter them each time. For example, my commute is the same every day, five days a week, why should I enter it 5 days a week?

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