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kidpurple 07-28-08 08:58 PM

Short Presta valves
One of the LBSs that I sometimes go to has put tubes with really short Presta stem valves on them. So short in fact that I can't even get my pump on them. They use Giant brand tubes I think. I'll try to remember to ask them if I'm ever back there for a tube again. I just wonder if that is something they wouldn't think of - or if those are just how all the Giant tubes are or what?

JustBrowsing 07-29-08 05:17 AM

I ordered some tubes from some online vendor a while ago (forgot who) and they're all the short-stem variety, too. Thankfully, my pump just barely fits over it. Not sure why they're made since it's clear that some pumps won't have enough to grab onto. But I have a hunch it has something to do with weight weenies... ;)

envane 07-29-08 06:35 AM

Originally Posted by JustBrowsing (Post 7157352)
But I have a hunch it has something to do with weight weenies... ;)

I take the nuts off mine. 5 grams. I'll wave at you from the top of the hill.

ban guzzi 07-29-08 06:52 AM

my LBS keeps alot of different sizes in stock. I picked up some 30 mm smooth stems since I hate threaded and the increased chance of tearing the tube at the stem. Of course, the new stems are so long the guys referred to them as shotgun barrels. Look like thye match up to Deep V wheels or Campy deep sections. Kinda over done but I'm happy.

Pyramid brand by the way...

GV27 07-29-08 07:56 AM

Yeah, the Giant tubes have fairly short stems. No shorter than Ritchey, I don't think, though. The Forte tubes I got a Performance have HUGE stems. My rims take the Giants and Ritcheys no problem so the Fortes are almost too long! Might work for you......

treebound 07-29-08 08:08 AM

The shop I help at has numerous stem lengths for Presta stemmed tubes.

I only try to put the 36mm length stems on bike with short square rims if I think about it. I almost always go to the 48mm stem lengths if I have the option and they're in stock. It is easier to put a pump onto a longer stem than it is to put one on a short stem.

Threaded versus threaded stems sort of comes down to your pump head and the tire pressure you run at. Some pump heads have problems holding onto smooth stems at higher pressures. At least this is what I've found, YMMV.

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