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dee-vee 08-24-08 12:48 PM

need a winter bike
I have used a specialized sirrus as my winter commuter for a few years but I am looking for something new. I want a single speed with disc brakes and room for fenders and a rack. Anyone know of a bike? Preferably with drop bars.

stomppow 08-24-08 04:06 PM

you're sure you want disc brakes?
I've heard that they can get caked with calcium and salt and just get really messed up.

What I use is a smaller than usual steel mountain bike frame (a pretty decent 90's one that's got light tubes) with an internally geared hub that also has a sealed drum brake in it.

I find that in winter, at least around here, my "ideal speed" varies greatly from day to day. With clear, dry, slightly windy conditions I can keep up my speed (with nice 26x2.1 tires with hundreds of metal studs) but when it's sketchy and windy I'd rather not go too fast, just keep a decent medium speed and blow through all the chop and black ice. I'd rather not have to stand up to pedal like a singlespeed sometimes. I do stand up very frequently, but I'd just rather not be FORCED to sometimes. I have 7 speeds in my new internal hub, we'll see how that goes.

stomppow 08-24-08 04:07 PM

As for what you were looking for, maybe a Spot bike. They are singlespeed with discs and they have belt drive (no oil, no rust...)

As for more like what I'm talking about, I don't know too many stock ones, there must be, but I can recommend the Devinci Toronto.

yohannrjm 08-24-08 04:09 PM

Try the Redline Monocog. No drop bars, but it has everything else. Since it is a 29er, you could add studded tyres easily. It also should be possible to swap out the bars.

It is a good price for a winter commuter too.

stomppow 08-24-08 04:11 PM

oh yeah and as a last comment, derailers DO work in the winter. Rarely freezing rain can cause some temporary "singlespeeding" but derailleurs aren't terrible. They're ugly and they'll get full of crap, but they'll still shift half decently. Also rim brakes do work too. They will use up your rims quicker than usual with the sand and salt, and sometimes they take 30 seconds of "pedaling while braking" to melt off the initial ice layer when you bring them from inside your house to freezing outside, but after that they work decently. Obviously not ideal, but they are safe.

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